Quantum Stardub

Martin Oude Kempers is the Dutch musician, who is the man behind Quantum Stardub. This is his new project beside the well known projects: Quantum Leap and Subsonic Park.
Quantum Stardub
Quantum Stardub - Indigo
Artist: Quantum Stardub
P: 2011
Indigo – not only is the mother of dye, having spread a very special, magicfascination over centuries. Here it represents the depth and coherence of asound, created by Dutch producer Martin Oude Kempers alias ‚Quantum StarDub’, setting the listener on a unique, almost meditative musical journey.
While releasing a comprehensive retrospective with his album trilogy “The Lost Tracks” on Mikrolux, under his former outfit ‚Quantum Leap’ about half a year ago, a phase of intense sound research and development led into a musical transformation which evolved to his new house and dubtech project ‚Quantum StarDub’.
After having presented this sound for the first time with a remix on Subsonic Park’s album ‚Echoes From Inside’, he now presents the debut album of his new project ‚Quantum StarDub’ on Elux Records.
The infinite depth of sounds and the mystic power of well composed tones on‚Indigo’ create an indescribable ease and serenity. The first track ‚Observer’ leads into the dark and deep night, where tracks sparkle like stars in the sky. The amazing range and openness of the titletrack makes the listener be at one with the world. Also the track ‚What Is Your Space’ brings across the feel of complete inner freedom, before ‚Strong’, ‚Balanced’ and ‚It’s Gonna Be’ makes you look ahead to the summerly fluffy tune “Dias Fuertes” with positive confidence. After being spiritually moved by those complex melodic strings in ‚Attached’, with ‚Tell Me’ one can finally lean back completely relaxed and fulfilled. This is a trip into the indigo blue, stellar-dubby ambient universe, lovers of exceptionally electronic beats and perceptive chill out sounds shouldn’t miss...!

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