Professor Kazkaz

This is the project of  Markus Schmahl aka Guardner and Gregor Tresher, also known as Sniper Mode.
Professor KazKaz - Algorhythms

Artist: Professor Kazkaz
P: 2007
Mikrolux MKX17CD

Don´t panic - this is not the relase of a confused professor who has just discovered electronic music. The CD also has nothing to do with the "Kazkaz the unholy" level of the online fantasy concept "Temple of Atal´Hakkar". Professor Kazkaz rather is the working title of the co-operation of two well-known members of the Elektrolux label family: Marcus Schmahl aka Guardner and part of the Rauschfaktor project and Gregor Tresher alias Sniper Mode, who, not least due to his releases on Datapunk and Great Stuff Recordings, has been elected "Producer of the year 2006" by the readers of the Raveline magazine. "Algorhythms" is a paradigm of the collabration of two autarkic artists bringing about something to be logically derived from the respective musical pool and, at the same time, going much further beyond. "Marcus and me have known and appreciated each others work for a long time. As Marcus´ projects are infuenced by his lounge and HipHop background while I am much closer to Elektro, we were convinced that a collaboration would bring about some interestesting music." (Gregor Tresher) "Finally, we both love electronic music, are genuine hard- and software junkies and get along very well with each other. Hence, it is not too absurd to get together and try out some new sounds. Last but not least, Professor Kazkaz has been a welcome variation in sound compared with our very own productions." (Marcus Schmahl) This way, tracks like "Serapatrix", "Europium", "Vacuum Science" or "Ellipsometry" live on a wishful, fragile and highly melodic form of romanticism entering into an alliance never heard before with smooth Elektro HipHop beats. If you want to look at electronic listening from an entirely new perspective: Here´s your chance!

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