Scamall is an independent project established in Poland, somewhere around 2006 by Jakub Kmiec. Main inspirations came from desolated places in Sweden and Ireland visited within last years. The most falling recollections of these places were their quietness, all-embrancing silence and feeling of an isolation.
The music of Scamall consists of soundscapes incorporating abadoned and originally useless noises and sessions recorded with live technique and presented "as is" - that means with all minor, unedited flaws even though the sounds themselves were heavily processed.
Scamall - A World Behind the Silence

Artist: Scamall
P: 2008
In the beginning, there appear some harsh, neurotic breakbeats as if it were a Warp Records production (compare Aphex Twin's vinyl EP's). "Offline" is nonetheless not a typical Scamall track, rather a mere introduction to a mysterious, slow-motion, virtually beatless record. Scamall's music just cannot be easily classified; broadly speaking, it's murky, grainy, ferric-crunchy ambient-music, but there is more to style diversity than this. Beyond any doubt, this CD is a tough one for "traditional" electronica lovers, well, even devoted ambient-fans could find this album quite a challenge. Still, the most important fact about "A World." is, that Scamall catches our attention immediately in the beginning and keeps us in tension until the very last second. Scamall was definitely able here to build his own fascinating world, and this he did do with just a little help from such familiar sound structures, one could say. When it works, it means that he's not "just another keyboard player", he's an artist.

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