Harry K.

Paul Colbourne aka harry k. Producer, dj, songwriter, musician / brighton, uk, current member of urban delights, magnetic empire & his harry k. solo-stuff. He has been writing & playing with several bands over the last 20 years: apollo 440 (live-member, co-producer & writer) ; maximum roach, juggernaut, headspace (later adf), the mouth & law one. His remixes -amongst many other artists- include: asian dub foundation, kool keith, herbert groenemeyer, bloodhound gang, alphaville, apollo 440, soccaboys. Songs by him were licensed for advertisements, movies, film-soundtracks and tv series e.g. heavy Petting, john tucker must die, charlie's angels, lost in space, the nanny diaries, the loop,the o.c., kfc, payless shoe, cingular wireless & channel 4's slave.
He is furthermore well known for his live-dj-sets of blinding hiphop, killer breakbeat and loungy, cocktail slurping funk-ology nights (e.g. stella mccartney fashion show, paris 2000), his london club nights under the pseudonyms ‘fundemental’ & ‘boobytrap’ and he is the founder of the infamous ‘crap stage’ on past reading, phoenix & glastonbury festivals which he'll bring to this years big chill!

Harry K.
Harry K. - Box of Tricks

Artist: Harry K.
P: 1999
Elektrolux e111111cd
Londons DJ Harry K. of Apollo 440 releases his first solo album Box Of Tricks on Elektrolux. His two E.P.s Ego Buster and Cheer The Villain already gave a promising taste of Harrys unique style, the full length album now delivers an explosive cocktail of Drum'n'Bass, Hip Hop/Broken Beats and Dub. Even though still only in his mid-twentys, Harry can rely on a huge experience in the UK Club and DJ scene: He has worked with artists like Fun-De-Mental Sound System, The Shamen, The Orbital or Apollo 440 and released on labels like Cup Of Tea or Club Athletico. Box Of Tricks is a killer album, working as well in the club as at home.

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