Le Mar, Gabriel

The co-founder of Aural Float and Subsonic Park.
Le Mar, Gabriel
Dr.Motte meets Gabriel Le Mar

Artist: Dr.Motte & Gabriel Le Mar
P: 2009
PS 08/116
LTD: 500
During his studies in Berlin in summer 1990 Gabriel heard about a street demo called loveparade and joined this crazy gathering dancing in the streets...
Years later he met Dr. Motte, originator, multiversal artist and inventor of the loveparade, and they took the decision to meet in studio for jams which took place in Frankfurt at Gab's Lab, where they celebrated a creative clash that is manifested in the album's seven tracks.
The result is a trip on the dancefloor with deep, floating grooves and predominantly 4-2-4 beats on the first four tracks, while the last three tracks become an after hours party filled with deep, energetic, beatless grooves with a dubby atmosphere.
At the beginning, Dr.Motte introduced Gabriel to another special method of producing music, using a tonal scale that is based on the frequencies of the rotating planets from our solar system, because the rotation of the planets differ from each other along with gravitational principles. For each track, they tuned their musical equipment to the corresponding planetary frequency of one of the planets in our solar system. The earth's tuning, for example, is the 435.92 Hz 'G' tone.

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Gabriel Le Mar - Reel Time DVD

Artist: Gabriel Le Mar
P: 2006
Elektrolux 100011111dvd

"On Reel Time, opulent stringslayer in early nineties tradition (“Firefly”), percussively enriched progressive House with a pinch of Acid (“Stick Dance”) or orientally inspired Dubfunk (zero db) can be found - a real cornucopia of style-determining factors from Le Mar´s broad musical socialisation between Ambienttrance, Downbeat, Chillout, Electro and, of course, lots of Dub. Thus, Reel Time kind of takes a stock of the Elektrolux sound from somebody with a deep understanding, bringing this mix of elements together to a synthesis in best “reel time” - just in the middle of the magic interface between past, presenceand future of electronic music! By his latest DVD Reel Time, Gabriel Le Mar astonishes everyone who thought they´d know him. There´s something for your eyes, too: Le Mar surprises us by sophisticated graphic and cinematic interpretations of his music. The level of artistic maturity and individuality of the clips is deeply impressing. Gabriel Le Mar studied at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin and worked as an art director as well. The sounds and images, among other places, were recorded in India, Nepal, Japan and Le Mar´s homebase, Frankfurt. For that purpose, Le Mar worked together with friends like George Din, Oliver Bradford (camera and direction) and Alex Azary (sound).
It is quite a mystery why the mastermind of Ambient Dub and co-founder of the Spacenight compilations waited to relase his solo debut until the eleventh year of the label history. Only when listening very carefully, the solution becomes obvious: Reel Time adds a new, powerful feeling to the Elektrolux sound - a brilliant intersection which had just been missing in the perfectly arranged world of electro. Gabriel Le Mar at the right time – enjoy Reel Time in sound and vision.

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Gabriel Le Mar - Short Stories

Artist: Gabriel Le Mar
P: 2003

With the cd, you also get a booklet for a change. In this you will find several short stories… The first track (beach dub) reminds a lot of Saafi Brothers (which he is a member of). Deep chilling dub atmospheres with some Balearic guitar sounds, perfect for summer at the beach... Track two also starts very chilling with some guitar and tribal dub rhythms. Very happy summer vibes through the entire track. Beautiful and floating. Track 3 is much more housy, with a stumpy rhythm. Perfect if you are a bit tired, but want to dance. This is what we call evening trance, perfect at home before you go to a party. Track 4 goes the same way. Relaxing, dubby music you can easily dance to. Track 5 goes over to trance tempo. Stumpy rhythms, still in a sort of dubby way. Is it trance or atmospheric techno? Hard to say, but it sounds pretty nice. Reminds a bit of Bandulu, if anyone remember those guys... Track 6 goes back to more of the beautiful Saafi Brothers style. Deep reggae influenced dub. Track 7 is a happy down tempo track with several organic instruments and weird melodies. It sounds a bit noisy, but pretty cool. Track 8 is more of the housy style. Track 9 is like 7, a noisy weird track. The last track is the favourite track on this album. You get a tribal voice, relaxing rhythms, some nice piano and beautiful melodies. Great finish on the album.

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V/A - Waldorf Records Zeitlos 1
Artist: Pete Namlook, Oliver Lieb, Gabriel le Mar u.a.
P: 2001
This is a great compilation with new tracks by the listed artists. Chill-Out at its best.
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V/A - Waldorf Records Zeitlos 2
Artist: Ünn, Sequential, Soehngenetic, Jonson, u.a.
P: 2002
This is a great compilation with new tracks by the listed artists. Chill-Out at its best.
14,90 EUR
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Various Artists - Dub Mix Convention

Artist: Various Artists
P: 1997
Elektrolux e1
"After having released their two 12 ""World Cup"" and ""Rough Life"", now follows the first Dub Mix Convention album on Elektrolux.The 11 track-selection contains the whole spectrum of previous releases: Gabriel Le Mar, Marcus Darius & DJ Reverend are navigating their mothership savely through the dub-galaxy, encountering also the frontiers of house, electro, drum & bass and raggae.In cooperation with other musicians like Mighty Tolga and Jah Meek, tracks like ""Rough Life"" & ""Each One Teach One"" were recorded. Mighty Tolga, the new shooting star of the vgerman raggae- and dancehall scene, is a constant guest in studios between Frankfurt, Cologne and Kingston/Jamaica and lays his hypnotic vocals on a fundament of techno- and steppers beats."""

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