Berkley, Michael Thomas

Keyboardist/percussionist/composer Michael Thomas Berkely based in Oregon seems to favor mostly instrumental new age works of epic scope rooted in some type of nature theme.
Berkley, Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Berkley - Images From Earth

Artist: Michael Thomas Berkley
P: 1998 / 2011
The album alternates between calm, ambient soundscapes (“Dawn”, “Suspended in the Womb”) and more vigorous rhythmic pieces (“Tectonics”). A main gripe is that because Berkley’s main instruments are synths and other electronic gadgets, sounding a little cold and synthetic. One track gets lyrics (“Humanity”), while another used an ambient bed of sound for a spoken word warning on man’s effect on the planet (“Between Terror and Hope”). “Wave on Wave” with a violin lead and wordless vocals used to good effect.

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