Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent founded in  1994 consist of the two musicians Frank Specht and Gerd Wienekamp based in  Oldenburg / Germany. Their style is melodic, athmosphärical elektronik instrumentalmusic with influences of the Berlin School.
This discription is from A.Savin.
The artistphoto is made by A.Savin.

Rainbow Serpent
Der Laborant - Kontakt

Artist: Der Laborant
P: 1998 / 2012

The classic solo release of Rainbow Serpent member. Perfect sequences and Berlin School melodies.

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Frank Specht (Rainbow Serpent) - Sebastian im Traum

Artist: Frank Specht (Rainbow Serpent)
P: 2000/ 2008
"Sebastian im Traum' is named after a track from the Klaus Schulze "Audentity" album.
This is something of a concept album following the passage of a series of dreams. Cosmic shimmers act as a gentle introduction to ‘Traum 1’ but then a great whoosh of sound descends on us like a tidal wave. A gorgeous shimmering lead line then grabs the focus and a bass beat forms a solid structure on which a sequence starts to emerge and another brighter rhythm is layered over the top. An energetic driving number providing a splendid start. Each track runs into each other so we move straight into ‘Traum 2’ a very melodic piano lead piece. ‘Traum 3’ is a marked contrast to the previous number as we are immediately treated to dark synth drones. A delicate echoing motif is repeated and each time left to hang in the air until it fades away. A sequence emerges out of the dark but just acts as the backbone to a rather sleepy but hypnotic section. It is only after seven minutes that things start to take off and we get more umph! ‘Traum 4’ introduces a superb heavy rhythm over which floats a sublime melody. For the final minute and a bit we return to the world of shifting images.
‘Traum 5’ uses a faintly tribal rhythm, flute and didgeridoo. The didg is an instrument I don’t usually like on EM albums but here it fits perfectly. At two minutes the rhythm becomes rather manic then fades back again to allow Gothic chants to be heard, it all works superbly. I know some of you will be put off by the description of this track, don’t be it is extremely inventive, effective and not remotely cliched. We then return to the watery shifting thoughts of background sleep. ‘Traum 6’ retains the flute sound from before but then a sequence takes its first descriptively mellow steps. Another higher register one is layered over the top then more and more until I lose count of all the different lines involved. Superb stuff! More cosmic bleeps and twitters take us into ‘Traum 7’. From atmospheric beginnings a bass (non dance) rhythm very slowly unfolds then we get a steam train making its stately progress down the line. More atmospheric pads are used as the backdrop to a melodic sequence. This is a beautiful track and for me is the standout number on the album. We flow from one stunning melodic sequence to the next and the underpinning pads are just heavenly. Now on to the final Traum. The sequences are now menacing but are added to by a more playful one at around the four minute mark. We are dreaming again but this seems like a disturbed and unsettled sleep from which we will be pleased to wake.
So to sum up this album has sequences a plenty but don’t expect them to be of the thunderous earthquake or a million mile an hour variety. What you have here is quite an emotional album but in the best sense and not remotely twee.

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Rainbow Serpent + Isgaard - Stranger

Artist: Rainbow Serpent & Isgaard
P: 2010
The fantastic new album of the great German EM Duo with the wellknown singing artist Isgaard (Schiller etc.). Packed in a deluxe 6-pages DigiPak with booklet.
Lyrics & Vocals: Jens Lück & Isgaard on track 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 and 12. 
This combination with Isgaard gives the music of RS the right kick.
Sounds very relaxed and professional and in a certain way like the Schiller releases.

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Rainbow Serpent - Cosmo Vision

Artist: Rainbow Serpent
P: 1995/ 2005
This was their first concert, performed in their hometown of Oldenburg. During the two-hour concert, which was held on the 2nd December 1995, projections of heavenly bodies were used to accompany the music.
What we have here are selected tracks from their first concert in 1995. The running order is not as in the concert but the tracks are beautifully placed next to and float into each other. It comes over sounding much more like a studio album, its hard to believe that such complex music was actually played live. Its also hard to believe that it has remained unreleased for so long. Its straight into fast sequence territory with the opener 'Over the Edge'. The first melody is slow and drifting contrasting nicely with the urgent pace of the rest of the track. Things then quieten down nicely as another sequence develops. Melodic whooshes of sound add to the excitement still further as the sequences continue to blast forward.

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Rainbow Serpent - Cutted Scenes

Artist: Rainbow Serpent
P: 1999/ 2005
Seven tracks are listed but the first six are really just parts in a fifty plus minute epic. Electronic wooshes and bleeps ripple from the speakers as we delve into 'Believe'. Heavily processed NASA samples float forward but because of the processing they don't seem cliched in any way. Monk chants are next, they are used very subtly so again work well. Under all this waves of synth sounds rise and fall. A delicate but exquisite rhythm drives the track along nicely and makes you realise that 'Cutted Scenes' is another Rainbow Serpent corker!
'Imagination Fire' introduces a tinkling sequence then a monster one is layered over the top and to add to the pulsating brew further a bass rhythm storms forth, fasten those seat belts! Another rhythm "splashes" into play adding to the range of frequencies being deployed. We get an almost Schulze like change in the rhythmic and sequential structure next reminding me a little of 'Drive Inn'. What an awesome track. 'Silent Running' initially sooths the senses back into a state of calm with lush pads and more cosmic sounds but it isn't long before a nice thick sequence rumbles forward . It begins to increase in intensity and the excitement builds all the way until we get to 'Exploring The Mars'. So the recent Mars probe didn't discover what the planet sounded like. Well no worries Rainbow Serpent knew already, and what a weird and wonderful place it must be too by the sounds of what is on offer here. Its all very atmospheric with lots of different noises all caressing your senses but coexisting perfectly. Some structure eventually starts to materialise and the picture now created is one of heat hazes clouding the vision. At the half way mark a sequence starts to develop low in the mix and becomes more prominent. A superb rhythm comes and goes until it eventually remains and becomes the highlight of the track. This number has absolutely everything and is one of my favourite slices of their art.
'From Darkroom to Digital' brings yet another top flight sequence into play. There are some sound effects in the background of someone moving around but then we get a gorgeous piano melody and slow deep beat. Another lovely track providing the most melodic moments so far. 'Exploring The Mars Part 2' takes us back to the red planet but now we seem to be hearing strange alien creatures slithering around and warbling to each other. A military rhythm enters bringing a sequence closely on its heals, getting louder and louder as though we can hear the rotor blades of some craft getting closer. Mayhem always sounds as though it is just about to take over but somehow things manage to remain in control. Rainbow Serpent just get better and better.

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Rainbow Serpent - Live at Liphook 2007

Artist: Rainbow Serpent
P: 2008
This CD contains the impressive concert that Rainbow Serpent gave at Liphook / UK in 2007. The work is entirely composed by the artist except for one of the themes, "Rückblenden", written by himself and Mario Schoenwalder.
Throughout the 71 minutes that the CD lasts, we can hear Space Music themes, others of a Synth-Pop structure, and some with the typical characteristics of Contemporary Instrumental Music. There is a great variety of textures and emotions. Some passages are cold, mysterious. Others turn out to be warm.
The final result is very good.

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Rainbow Serpent - Pulse

Artist: Rainbow Serpent
P: 2000 / 2015
Here Rainbow Serpent walk in the footsteps of Klaus Schulze and produced one of their best releases so far.

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Rainbow Serpent - Sequel To Voyager

Artist: Rainbow Serpent
P: 1999/ 2006
Rainbow Serpent have been one of the top-selling synthesizer acts around Europe in the last couple of years, and with their seemingly effortless integration of the styles of Vangelis, Klaus Schulze and Steve Roach it's not difficult to see their appeal.
On "Sequel" though they're stretching out a little, perhaps influenced by the more experimental attitude of Gerd Wienekamp's solo project Der Laborant, but not too much - so that the four-part "Scenes Of Capturing Auras" (19.00) opens with a declamatory voice but rapidly moves into a techno dance workout and on through Vangelis-style romanticism into an incredibly Jarre/Oxygene-like sequencer piece.
"Scenes of Old Legends" (in three parts, totalling 22 minutes), covers among other subjects Ayers Rock (the inevitable didgeridoos are very distant and synthesized though) and "King Arthur's Quest", giving the subject a beaty, rolling-sequenced treatment a million miles away from Rick Wakeman's rich orchestral style (although a Gregorian choir does put in a brief appearance before the end!).
"Scenes Of Everyday Life" (another three parts and another 18 minutes long) again merges abstract synthesis with subtle techno dance/acid elements using a range of styles and tempos. And in closing, there's a 12-minute extract from 1998's performance at the Alfa Centauri Festival in Holland, concentrating on huge choral sounds, lightweight warbling sequencers and a touch of acid dance rhythm towards the end.
With "Sequel", Rainbow Serpent have turned in another immaculately produced, widely varied and epic synthesizer set. Some of the tracks (as ever) are too close for comfort to the very recognisable styles of other artists, but there's much to enjoy here.

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Rainbow Serpent - Silver Blue

Artist: Rainbow Serpent
P: 1999/ 2005
Like 'Cutted Scenes' the tracks run into each other providing a superb continuous listening experience. No wasting time, straight into the sequence with 'Skydance'. A heavy beat thuds over the top, getting as close as this album gets to dance territory but it doesn't overstep the mark. At just under four minutes delicate melodies start to come and go weaving round each other tricking the senses.
In some ways this reminded me of more recent Schulze of Wahnfried. At seven minutes calm descends, another sequence picking up close to the end which carries us into 'In Trance'. A rhythm plays over a hellish montage of sounds and a high register sequence delicately floats over the top of a deeper more menacing sequence that comes to join it. The way the two sequences combine with the snare rhythm and effects is masterly but when the main lead comes in at eight and a half minutes it will make you go weak at the knees. Klaus Schulze is again the obvious influence here but condensed. Another stunning track.
'Lightstorm' uses a note droplet type sequence over cosmic effects to form a delicate beginning but things are then beefed up with the introduction of a deep rhythm. Melodies jump from one beat to the next until a no nonsense lead line takes us to 'Visible Dreams'. Thuds sound as if a door is being blown in the wind and smashed against a wall but this then develops into a rhythm underlying the rest of the track containing some of the most devastating lead lines so far. The track ebbs and flows with loads happening, its as if months of care has gone into every sound and every melody during every second. Again, superb. 'Entrance' uses wind blown wooden chimes and washes of synth tones to create the perfect atmosphere behind at first a fast deep sequence then another driving beat.
'Rainbow Runner' goes from metallic opening effects to an equally metallic sequence which rumbles along in fine fashion intensifying and becoming more exciting all the time creating a hypnotic groove. 'Back to the Rocks' has flute melodies over faintly ethnic drumming and didgeridoo. Steve Roach I hear you all thinking but I would be a lot happier if everything Steve did was up to this emotionally tinged but exciting quality. This one has to be heard to be appreciated because just describing the elements that go to make it up would give you a very misleading impression. 'Living Surreal Strings' is a the weirdest track on the album with a very heavy and deep rhythm, more like an earthquake, contrasting with gentle synth pads. Rainbow Serpent go up in my estimation with every track I hear from them and it seems to me that they are growing in confidence as musicians all the time at last maybe just realising how good and ahead of most of the pack they really are.

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Rainbow Serpent - The 8th Nerve

Artist: Rainbow Serpent
P: 2005
This is now the eighth studio album from the German duo Frank Specht and Gerd Wienekamp (who is also responsible for production and artwork). It comes four years after their album “Voice Of The First Day”. Old times are revived as we listen to this ample 78 minute long disc: the twelve tracks contain musical reminders of Klaus Schulze (for example “Dig It”); influences from the ‘sequencer period’ of Tangerine Dream; and also of Kraftwerk (“Radiotrip”). There are also lots of spacey sounds, or catchy rhythms and above all, admirable sequencer work.

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Rainbow Serpent - Voyager

Artist: Rainbow Serpent
P: 1996/ 2006
The cd begins very quietly and deep, but getting more up tempo after several minutes. A lot of crazy filling notes gives the cd a special character. Sometimes, it sounds like they are improvising notes, but no way. Every note is in it's place. Voyager is a cd which contains 3 long tracks "The Past", "The Present" and "The Future". But every song has enough variation, so it's not boring. Every number is split in several indexes. The first number is mostly build up around jungle-like rhythms with in some melodies a Eastern sound. It's like a visit to other cultures. It's a track which - sometimes sober build, is very beautiful and very well worked out. Even, the last part of the track has it's own identity. It's a fast western melody, called "The Gate".
"The Present" is not build up with those jungle-sounds, but is build up with modular sequences of which some are waved together. After several minutes these sounds get accompanied by some slow lead melodies. When you listen some more it also goes further to some mysterious, dark and romantic compositions, which are leaded by some voice-sounds. At the end its getting more slower and optimistic. A negative point at this track is that the last part is a little bit bare.
"The Future" : This track begins dark and simple, but after around 10 minutes it transforms to a funny, stylish, harmonious up tempo track, which comes at the end to rest. it's a beautiful ending for the cd. This new version has two bonus tracks out of the year 2006.

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Rainbow Serpent, Fanger + Schönwälder - Elektrik Cowboys

Artist: Rainbow Serpent, Fanger & Schönwälder
P: 2009

LTD: 500
The Ricochet Gathering Live Konzert 2007 with 3 long tracks.

Here the last copies!


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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.246  11/15
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 246

5,00 EUR
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V/A - Beyond the Skies

Artist: Jarre, Kitaro, Klaus Schulze

P: 1998
Very good collection of the best electronic music tracks around the year 1998.

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V/A - Magic Fly + Wavemusic

Artist: Brainwork, Rainbow Serpent,
Tyndall, Scholl
, Waveshape
P: 1995
LTD 1000
This is a nice collection of new tracks by the artist of the german electronic music scene around 1995.
It includes the best track ever played by Waveshape, which is exclusively ONLY to be found on this CD!

Here is the last copy!

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V/A - Mystic Highlands - A New Era

Artist: Kistenmacher, Rainbow Serpent,
Gandalf u.a.

P: 2011
Gregorian music is crowned with success. People are still fascinated by this kind of genius goose-bump music between Mystic and Pop. For many years this genre becomes bigger and the demand is still increasing. The new MYSTIC HIGHLANDS - A New Era" Project cleaves its way to our cozy living rooms - right in time for the upcoming cold winter time ...      

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Various Artists - Liquid Sound Volume 2

Artists: Various Artists
P: 2003
Project Inter.com is effectively Keller & Schonwalder and friends. They start this wonderful double CD set with 'Come and Taste the Band'. Fizzing drones travel through the ether as subtle percussion and faint guitar give a rather moody atmosphere. It's only in the last third that any rhythmic content is added but even then it is subdued so as not to disturb the lovely serene feel.
Tom van Draft is really Thomas Fanger (from Fanger & Schonwalder, Mind Flux etc). His track 'Blue Halo' starts with a nice melodic sequence augmented by gentle electric piano touches. A rhythm enters in the third minute developing a nice relaxed groove.
Arcanum & Otarion team up for 'Homo Novus'. Various sequences and loops emerge through rather orchestral sounding pads as we start a slow but very effective build up which hits the spot perfectly. Very subtle rhythm and percussion are added around which a beautiful melody, rather low in the mix, weaves its spell.
Fanger & Schonwalder are responsible for the hugely popular 'Analog Overdose' series. Here we have a new track called 'Abgetaucht'. If you liked Volumes 1 and 3 of that series you should also go for this. A sequence can be heard which starts low in the mix but rapidly rises to the surface and is joined by high hat percussion. More pulsations are added in the form of a slow bass sequence / loop. The sequences seep into the consciousness wonderfully taking over the mind. I am sure a lovely little melody had already been there a couple of minutes before I noticed it as it fitted in so perfectly with everything else that was going on. More lovely 70s sounding lead lines come and go- boy do they hit the spot! Virtual guitar can momentarily be heard in the twelfth minute. It adds that little extra excitement without dominating. What a wonderful track- mesmerizing but never boring.
The first disc concludes with 'Salzbad' by Electric Orange. Initially the main feature is a fine splashing sequence but as the track progresses it reminded me of some early Sky label recordings by the likes of Tyndall or even Adelbert Von Deyen.

It is probably the second disc which will excite many however, even before listening to the music, as it contains tracks (all at fifteen minutes or over) by Spyra (with Chris Lang), Rainbow Serpent and AirSculpture. This is the first new material from the last two of these acts in ages.
'Nenikekamen' by Spyra & Lang starts us off. Straight away it's Klaus Schulze who comes to mind. We float on tranquil soft pads then an excellent slow sequence emerges backed by a cello / flute combination (I think!) which weaves a lovely haunting melody. The sequence mutates this way and that increasing in speed considerably in the fifth minute. Subtle rhythm in added low in the mix accompanied by yet another lovely lead.
Fanger & Kersten provide one of the most contemporary offerings on the album with 'Waterproof Guitar'. Infectious rhythmic loops and sampled (or vocoded) utterances of the title develop into quite a relaxed but also extremely 'cool' groove.
'Deep Dive' by Rainbow Serpent makes use of rather metallic sounding eerie wind blown effects over which a shuffling rhythm keeps being heard then disappears like tumbleweed momentarily being seen before being blown into the distance. Just before the five-minute mark some very faint NASA type samples can just be heard. This is extremely atmospheric stuff but also rather vivid picture music. A slow flutey melodic lead floats over the top heightening the haunting qualities still further.
At about the half way mark a slow rhythm is added giving a little structure but never intruding too much or destroying the delicate atmosphere so painstakingly created.
By it's title 'Not Raving, Floating' by AirSculpture might also be expected to be something of an ambient affair but this is not the case. Sure we get a drifting, though sonically powerful, introduction but it isn't long before a typical Sculpture lead can be heard and then a sequence with their signature all over it. It becomes louder and louder, more leads are added then another cracking sequence falls into formation- then another! Simply awesome. Welcome back AirSculpture! (Now when the hell are you going to get your 2003 National Space Centre gig ready for release?!).
We finish with 'Liquid Dawn' by Keller & Schonwalder. For the most part this is an ethereal melancholy masterpiece darker than anything on 'Noir'. A sequence is added in the ninth minute which does drive things forward a little but thankfully the mood stays wonderfully morose. Beware the false ending by the way, just when you think it is all over there is a bonus five minutes of music! Lovely stuff too. Sorry to spoil the surprise guys.

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Various Artists - Manikin Records "Second Decade 2002-2012"

Artist: Schönwälder, Fanger, Keller,
P: 2012
This is a compilation of unreleased tracks from all the artists of the Manikin Label.

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