Premonition Factory

Premonition Factory (Sjaak Overgaauw, The Netherlands) is a self-taught musician, currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. Overgaauw has been writing and performing as Premonition Factory since September 2009
Premonition Factory
Premonition Factory - The Sense of Time

Artist: Premonition Factory
P: 2011

The music of Premonition Factory has been classified as ambient, with a touch of experimental and avant-garde. A great deal of the music’s mesmerizing vibe draws on the fact that it is played in real-time. While some other musicians use multi tracking to layer different shades of sound, Overgaauw chooses to work with interactive live looping, which means sidestepping the usual linear production and mixing scenario, to give birth to the music as it manifests itself in real time.Impressive contemporary ambient space in the vein of  Brian Eno, Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana.
Co-Produced by Markus Reuter.

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