Uriel Yehezkel was born in 1984 and grew up in Jerusalem. He started making music at the age of fifteen, playing Trance, House, Progressive House, Deep House and Break Beat Music. He later developed his own unique style of Chill-Out and instrumental Electronica. After completing three years army service in 2006, Uriel returned to music professionally, and won a first place scholarship at the BPM School of Music. Working on his debut album during 2007, he combined his own talents for composition, keyboards, piano and guitar.
Uriel - Culture Shift

Artist: Uriel
P: 2008
When you listen to 'Culture Shift', his love of soundtrack music really comes shining through. You clearly pick-up on a very strong reflection of the work one of the world's finest film score composers: Hans Zimner, famous for his music for epic films like 'Gladiator', but this never detracts from Uriel's own musical identity and style. Uriel's music is indeed "epic" as well, but in a more understated way than you would hear from a movie soundtrack, preferring to craft each and every dynamic track with hints of melody and strong waves of cosmic, electronic light and shade, making drum rhythms (real or not real - it doesn't really matter as it is so hard to tell either way - perhaps a mix of both) provide the driving force to make the tracks flow in a trance-like fashion, whilst managing to avoid all the excesses of the dance market at the same time.This guy is one extremely talented individual - a master in the art of making all the right things happen at just the right time and place, and not as easy to do as you might think. Each track sonically builds to perfection, with just the right balance between melodies, atmospheric chords and powerful rhythmic forces. As I mentioned right at the start of this review, the drum/percussion work is truly hypnotic, and when you hear the ethereal electronic chorals and space synth sounds layered in and around the finished toxic electronic brew you will be thrilled I can assure you. 'Culture Shift' is a classy and different new album that I can heartily recommend to not only fans of electronic music, but other forms of instrumental music as well.

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Various Artists - Beyond Paradise

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2010
Volume 3 of the essential "Best Of" series from AD Music contains melodic and emotive music that will take you on a wonderful journey beyond paradise. This is deeply moving, gently rhythmic and inspirational instrumental music that manages to be vibrant, uplifting and tranquil. Featuring superbly remastered and edited music from some of the most respected and accomplished composers of the genre, this album will have broad appeal and will be of interest to existing fans already familiar with the catalogue. A truly beautiful album of pure quality and class.

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