The working name adopted by Stefan W. Bojczuk and any musical collaborators, the most enduring partnership having been with Matthew Shaw for the last six years. Protogonos: Derivation: alchemical, the first seed: cabbalistic, adam kadmon, the blueprint of humankind.
Stefan became interested in playing electronic music in the late '70s. It was while he attended Newcastle University that he met Ian Boddy. Their mutual interest in electronica led them to Spectro studios where they experimented with VCS3s and other wobbly analogue synths. Stefan returned to his native Halifax, where, for a number of years he dabbled with punk/new wave, keyboard player in the legendary Phantom Limbs. He continued to experiment in the field of Throbbing Gristle- inspired industrial music, eventually releasing an album called Factories and Temples, a mish-mash of dreamy Glass type rhythms contrasted with dark and menacing noise beats.
Protogonos - Strange Geographie

Artist: Protogonos
P: 1999    
LTD 1000 Copies

This is the first release from this duo of space pilots based in Halifax, UK. If 16th Century renaissance man Francis Bacon was alive today, this is what he'd be playing. An alchemical blend of amorphous and swirling textures, this is music from the sound houses where the maps don't go.

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