Hoenig, Michael

1975 Hoenig founded together with Klaus Schulze the group Timewind, but it was deleted soon after because Schulze wanted to make music with Manuel Göttsching. Soon after he joined the group Tangerine Dream for their tour through Australia.
In the years 1977 and 1978 he worked on his first solodebut
Departure from the Northern Wasteland, which was released in 1978 and is a milestone of all electronic music releases till now! In 1980 he moved to the USA and made Soundtracks since then.

Hoenig, Michael
Michael Hoenig - Dark Skies

Artist: Michael Hoenig
P: 1996 / 2006 
This is the limited Soundtrack to the Sci-Fi television series. A few electronic elements, but normaly the usual soundtrack style.

19,40 EUR
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Michael Hoenig - Departure from the Northern Wasteland

Artist: Michael Hoenig
P: 1978 & 1987 

Departure from the Northern Wasteland was first released in 1977. It represents Michael Hoenig's return to a more compositional approach to music after working solely with improvisational music for five years. Each piece is developed largely from a mood, and though the music begins here, it is music that is finished in the mind of each listener. On this album, Hoenig works with the compositional concepts of a single tonal center and a basic rhythmic pulse. The rhythmic element is very important to him and he utilizes various pulse units as well as drifting downbeats. Musically complex and an electronic classic, this CD consistently provides the listener with new experiences each time it is heard.

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V/A - Cinema Sampler

Artist: Pete Bardens, Michael Hoenig,
Patrick Moraz, Amin Bhatia

P: 1987
This is a collection of tracks released by the Capitol label in the 80s.

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V/A - Galaxy Vol. II

Artist: Software, Hoenig, Eno,
Oldfield, Ashra u.a.

P: 1990
This is one of the early IC Collections with the best tracks from the electronicmusic world, not only with IC releases, more with best of all tracks.

Here the last copy.

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Various Artists - Infinite Horizons

P: 1998
LTD 1000
Every TANGERINE DREAM fan needs this! There are more Ex-TD-members on that 2 CD's than on any TD album!  They would fit perfectly in a TD-memorial-super-group! Really good tracks, even the non-TD's!
Some exclusive new tracks are included here.

Here the last copy!

24,50 EUR
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