Bridge to Imla

Bridge To Imla is the new cinematic ambient duo of Hans-Dieter Schmidt and Michael Brückner; both musicians are active in the German ambient / electronica scene since many years, and started collaborating sporadically from 2012 on.
Bridge to Imla
Bridge to Imla + Volker Lankow - Ambient Chapel

Artist: Hans Dieter Schmidt & Volker Lankow
P: 2022
With this release, we continue a mini series of concert recordings from 2018 and 2019.
This concert took place on September 28, 2018 at the small Schlosskirche (castle chapel) Rumpenheim. Like with our first concert earlier this year (see "One January Evening"), our good friend, percussionist and soundscaper Volker Lankow came all the way from Berlin to join us.
While the music was mostly improvised, some sections are based on pieces from our studio albums. It was the closing event (finissage) of the „Rumpenheimer Kunsttage“ (Rumpenheim Art Days), an annual cultural festival near Frankfurt, Germany.

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Bridge to Imla - One January Evening

Artist: Michael Brückner & Hans Dieter Schmidt
P: 2018
This album was recorded live in late January 2018 on an evening of live electronic music featuring a solo set by synthesist Ralph Baumgartl, (not included in this release, but it was excellent!) a set by Bridge To Imla - with percussionist Volker lankow on three tracks and finally a jam session involving all four musicians.
Most of the bonus tracks (see below) were recorded at a rehearsal by Michael Brückner and Hans-Dieter Schmidt one week prior to the event, except for...
...the studio version of „The Dream-Quest To Unknown Imla“ which Michael insisted on doing, because he had messed up his mellotrons flute solo at the concert when he looked into a blue laser beamer by mistake. ;-)
released June 29, 2018 Bridge To Imla is: Hans-Dieter Schmidt: synthesizer, keyboards, EWI (electronic wind instrument) Michael Brückner: electronics, synthesizer, keyboards ...with: Volker Lankow: percussion, loops, soundscapes & samples on tracks 8 - 10 and 16 - 21 Ralph Baumgartl: synthesizer & keyboards on tracks 16 - 21
cover photography: Norbert Zumdiek concert photography: Stefan Trippler cover design: Michael Brückner event catering: Anke & Tommy Betzler
Special thanks to Jürgen Linde for providing beverages! :-) And VERY special thanks to Mathias Brüssel for his safety recording of the BTI performance - it turned out that we needed it...! Finally, a BIG "Thank You" to our wonderful audience - some of You travelled a long way to be with us on that January evening!

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P'Faun - Sp'roque

Artist: P'Faun
P: 2018
The 3 musicians combine all what you expect from electronic space-rock.

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