Eelco van Elst & Arjan van Elst. The Dutch brothers creating EM-style music inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre.
Inner-Voice - First Light

Artist: Inner-Voice
P: 2005

‘Inner-voice’ consists of two brothers, Eelco and Arjan van Elst.
Their fascination for Jean Michel Jarre’s first album was the seed that grew out to be what ‘Inner-voice’ is now.
Stimulating feelings by means of electronic music has always been what kept them going. From his first paycheck, Eelco bought a Crumar performer string/brass ensemble on which he spent every single spare hour. It is funny to see how the two brothers, after going their own ways for a few years, met each other again on their first love, electronic music. Eelco played in several bands and set up his own music studio. In contrast to Eelco Arjan took piano lessons and went to University where he majored in music. The synthesizer has always been what drew them together. Their fascination to create a whole orchestra with electronic sounds has, up until this day, stayed. Moreover, they have chosen this moment to show their love for this music.
From the moment the brothers decided to work together, it took more than five years to create their first cd (First Light). On this moment, they are working very hard on a couple of projects, which have different styles. More about our first cd 'First Light' Just by reading the name itself, one can expect ‘First Light’ to be the first cd made by ‘Inner-voice’. It took them five years to be satisfied with the result. Creating sounds is one thing. Making them into a composition is another. Their idea of a composition is a clear story that, most importantly, has a soul that moves the listener. By using ‘home-made’ synthesizer-presets and samples ’Inner-voice’ makes compositions with their very own character. During the years ‘Inner-voice’ has collected a wide range of electronic sounds. Since learning to work with the technique takes a lot of time, you can imagine why it took so long to finish this cd. This might sound negative but this is definitely not the case. All the possibilities each apparatus has to offer work inspiring. They spent night after night in the studio. Just to create their sounds. It was like a wonderful voyage of discovery. The fact that one of them accidentally left a slide open so the room filled itself with a horrible noise, kept them awake. It took days in order for the sound to get out of their ears again. Or the incident that Eelco’s wife asked where the teapot had gone while they knew they had broken it an hour ago because they needed this one unique sample. Just to find out they forgot to record it anyway! Many (often-invisible) steps can lead to the final compositions. From that time, you can work on the cd itself. The cd has to be mastered so it will sound good on any audio system. Then you have to look for somebody who can design an attractive cover.
‘Inner-voice’ is very grateful to Will Leenen for his enthusiasm but especially for his brilliant designs for this cd. ‘Inner-voice’ hopes this music will touch you and make it special for you.

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