Eelco van Elst & Arjan van Elst. The Dutch brothers creating EM-style music inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre.
AE van Elst Projects – One

Artist: AE van Elst Projects
P: 2023

Both brothers Arjan and Eelco have been involved with electronic music from an early age.
Their desire to share their music with fans of electronic music resulted in this latest album to be released on Groove. The songs have the emphasis on atmospheric instrumental themes. A characteristic of their way of composing is that they often start with a single sound, for example a preset from a synthesizer or sample.
Other sounds are added, ultimately resulting in a full-fledged composition.
The music of AE van Elst Projects is created with both analog synthesizers and virtual instruments; combining old school with the latest developments in synthesizer world.
The album ‘ One’ is the first of three in collaboration with Ron Boots.
The second release will be inspired by the first albums of Jean Michel Jarre,
who let them discover the world of electronic music and its fascinating new soundscapes.

Hardware: Alesis Andromeda, Acces Virus TI 2,
Novation Summit, Yamaha Montage.
Virtual instruments: Spectrasonics: Omnishpere/Trillian,
Stylus RMX, Keyscape, Native Instruments: Complete Ultimate Bundle,
Slate & Ash: Cycles, Sample Library’s: ZeroG

14,90 EUR
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