Ader, Kurt

Due to his interest in synthesizers, Kurt Ader bought a MiniMoog in 1977 and learned how to use it and how to generate sound. He became known in the Mannheim music scene for his sounds and was commissioned by recording studios as a sound designer and keyboard player. In addition, there were engagements by manufacturers such as Korg and E-mu Systems as well as productions for well-known artists. Kurt Ader is married and has a son Dominik, with whom he also performs live. The fields of activity of his companies "KApro Kurt Ader Productions" and "KARO Sound Development" include the creation of sounds for the production of music and film productions, the creation of sound programs for synthesizers and samplers, and the development of virtual instruments. In 2018 Kurt Ader released his first solo album Priority. In 2020 the album Iconic, a new collaboration with Johannes Schmoelling (former member of Tangerine Dream) and Robert Waters, was released under the name S-A-W
Ader, Kurt
Ader-Behrens-Froese-Merz-Ringlage-Schmoelling-Waters - 21

Artist: Ader-Behrens-Froese-Merz-Ringlage-Schmoelling-Waters
P: 2021

This brand new 2021 album from the ex-TANGERINE DREAM synth man JOHANNES SCHMOELLING finds him working alongside several other players in the EM trade, including his partners in LOOM: Jerome Froese and Rob Waters, his synthesizer engineer & musician friend: Kurt Ader, Spheric Music label owner & musician Lambert Ringlage, plus Jonas Behrens, who collaborated with Johannes on both his ‘A Thousand Times’ albums and Andreas Merz.

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Kurt Ader - Priority

Artist: Kurt Ader
P: 2018

Soundguru Kurt Ader presents his debut album, recorded on various synthesizers. Music a la Jarre, Tangerine Dream or Vangelis. Kurt makes sounds for a lot of Synth manufactories and is one of the worlds leading Synth experts! His sounds are used by the great keyboarders of the world.

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S-A-W (Schmoelling -Ader - Waters) + Merz - The Art of Iconic (DVD)
Artist: Johannes Schmoelling, Kurt Ader & Rob Waters & A.Merz
P: 2021

The perfect combination. Dreamlike melodies meet brilliant synthesizer sounds.Music, based on the time of TD in the mid-80s.
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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.311 04/2021
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 311

5,00 EUR
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