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1-A Düsseldorf (La Düsseldorf) - D.J.F.

Artist: 1-A Düsseldorf (La Düsseldorf)
P: 2000

The third album from 1-A Düsseldorf. D.J.F. stands for Deutsch Japanische Freundschaft (German Japanese Friendship).
Thomas Dinger, brother of Klaus Dinger, formed 1-A Düsseldorf together with Nils Kristiansen. Although their name is very similar to the former band of Thomas, La Dûsseldorf, their music sounds more experimental. The group is:
Thomas Dinger (drums, keyboards, sax, bass, video)
Nils Kristiansen (guitar, keyboards, vocals, painting)
Giuseppe Favitta (guitar)

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A Produce - Reflect like a Mirror, respond like an Echo

Artist: A Produce
P: 1997

Looks to be the band's third out of five CD's.Tag this effort as 'ambient bliss'.Either way,this trance-oriented piece of work has it's moments.Really enjoyed the celestial "Opening" and "Near&Far Away",the pulsating "Speaking In Tongues" as well as "Clear Pools" and "Native Pulse".A lengthy CD here,with a duration of 77 minutes.'Refelect Like...' closes with a 25- minute epic,their extended version of the one minute opener,"A Smooth Surface".Just might appeal to fans of Kenneth Newby,Rapoon,Jeff Greinke and Robert Rich.

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Airsculpture - Before the Moon (2CD Version)

Artists: Airsculpture
P: 2006
LTD 300

Recorded live as part of the Ricochet Gathering at Castillo Del Mar, Vallehermoso, La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain on October 14, 2005.
Limited Edition distributed at AirSculpture's November 18, 2005 concert at The Gathering at St. Mary's Church Philadelphia, USA.

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Airsculpture - Thunderhead

Artists: Airsculpture
P: 1998

Rare and awesome synth/ambient album from Airsculpture. Similar to late 70's, early 80's era Tangerine Dream with plenty of sequencers and dark, ambient soundscapes. If you enjoyed 'Rubycon', 'Encore', 'Poland' or 'Logos' by TD then this will please.

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Alien Nature + Stan Dart - Accelerator

Artist: Alien Nature + Stan Dart
P: 2015
Alien Nature´s and Stan Dart´s first cooperation shows their talent of evolving each unique style of Electronic Space Rock (Alien Nature) and Cinematic Electronic Chill Art (Stan Dart) to a new genre of powerful melodic Electronic Rock, that is full of rhythm, bass and melody. Kind of electronic IDM, put the VOLUME UP!!!

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Alio Die - Kalisz Concert

Artist:  Alio Die
P:  2018
LTD 150

This album was recorded at the Kalisz Ambient Festiwal in Poland.
A beautiful journey from start to finish.

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Alpha Wave Movement - Concept of Motion

Artist: Alpha Wave Movement
P: 1998
"Concept of Motion" finds Kyryluk exploring a wide range of styles.
The album starts with a great upbeat grabber, "Linear Perspective." The sequencers come fast and furious, staccato style. The synth bass, the arrangement, everything on this song is really fun. There is so much going on that it's a wonder it doesn't end up a chaotic mess, but somehow it succeeds very well. The energy is infectious.
Though "Linear Perspectives" is very good, my favorite songs on "Concept of Motion" are the slower, floating pieces. "Across the Axis" is a good mid-tempo piece with some cool sound effects.
"Ocean of Dreams" is a very interesting selection, with sudden key changes and simple, effective piano leads that remind me of Klaus Schulze. This song starts in a floating frame of mind, but like most of the album, succumbs to a fair amount of percussion.
At its heart, "Concept of Motion" is a expression of constant activity, and it will be interesting to see where this musical motion finds the next Alpha Wave Movement release.

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Alquimia + Roedelius - Voces de mi Tierra

Artist: Alquimia + Roedelius
P: 1999
Here the CD-single Version.
This album is the meeting between Hans-Joachim Roedelius, German pioneer of the electronic avant garde, and Alquimia, a versatile Mexican artist who has explored the possibilities of synthesizers as well as those of her voice in various innovative projects.
This unusual collaboration between them both has resulted in a likewise remarkable CD. There are melodic passages of a great emotional strength, which could be defined as a fusion of Atmospheric Pop and World Music. And among them both, others of a mysterious, even dreary character coexist, with a slow development and a structure ranging from Ambient to mystic ritual music.
Alquimia's voice, which she herself processes electronically in various ways, turns out to be unearthly at times, and very much earthly in other occasions, perfectly fitting with the electronic textures and exotic atmospheres.

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Amir Baghiri - Time

Artist: Amir Baghiri
P: 1998
Gradually drifts from light sequencer pieces to quieter, ambient sound-worlds.
A mixture of Roach/ Rich tribalisms and gorgeous shapelessness.

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Andreas Leifeld - Discoveries

Artist: Andreas Leifeld
P: 1991
Futuristic in conception and execution, this album still harkens back to the sequencer-driven sound of the German electronic school. Yet unlike Tangerine Dream, Leifeld has managed to add rock and pop influences without losing his progressive edge. His two-part suite "African Dreams" delves into the techno-tribal realm. He also adds some amusing political cynicism on the final selection, "Same Old Game," by layering recorded voice fragments of George Bush's most banal catchphrases over combat sounds and a brooding, almost sinister electronic score.

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