Mac Mavis

Mac Hirvi from Finnland is the ambientmusician behind this project.
Mac Mavis
Mac Mavis - Report from the Lake

Artist: Mac Mavis
P: 2009
Synthesized audio report from far away lake and it‘s surroundings of natural beauty and original almost untouched wilderness. Drifting in a boat with only a small synthesizer and portable recorder to create ideas for later production. Capturing moments of peace impossible to tell in words. Life by this lake, where only handful of people live. Meetings with the friendly natives living near by. From waking up to early morning sunrise to late night boat journeys,losing all sense of time and date. World as we know it has no meaning in here. This is no 2 week holiday watching TV. This is wildlife, survival for the inexperienced. When the evening falls and winds calm down you can hear whispers of the wilderness. When thunder storm arrives you have wooden cottage for shelter. No need to worry about electricity blackout because here you never had any. Old radio at the cabin porch playing ambient music, battery operated synthesizer, guitar and food. Silence is everywhere. This album is based on real life experience. Melodic and warm ambient music, created totally with hardware synthesizers and sequencer. With some actual on location field recordings as reference.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.240  05/15
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 240
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