Brain Laughter

Brain Laughter is an US ambientproject by the musicians: Howard Givens, Teeto Cheema, Nancy Givens, Alon Feder and Debra Musgrave. Additional musicians are: James Byrd, Tim Cox, Susan Daffron, Julie Kay, Greg Klamt and Mary Methews. Out of their productions the label Spotted Peccary Music was founded.
Brain Laughter
Brain Laughter - In the Land of Power

Artist: Brain Laughter
P: 1989

This debut album by the group Brain Laughter takes the listener on a sonic journey through the desert starting at dusk and continuing through the night to the morning and beyond. By utilizing many different synthesizer textures as well as flute, acoustic guitar and percussion, this collaborative effort brings alive the infinitely subtle but magical presence of the heart of the Southwest.

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Craig Padilla + Howard Givens - Life Flows Water

Artist: Craig Padilla + Howard Givens
P: 2015
Life Flows Water is a collaboration between Spotted Peccary Music’s founder and creative guru Howard Givens (Brain Laughter) and SPM veteran electronic virtuoso Craig Padilla. It is a meditation in form, opening and closing with tones from a Tibetan bowl, and flowing, evolving continuously through seven impressions of deeply nuanced ambient electronic artistry. Featuring a profound array of electronic instruments from classic vintage and modular synths to modern digital keyboards, this delicately choreographed work is really about inward expansiveness – like true meditation – focused on a purity and simplicity in an abstract fulness. The music is inspired by the moments and experiences that brought these artists together for this collaboration, and by the realization of a consciousness awakened from the steps taken on the discovery of this new path. Padilla states: “We had been waiting to perform live together for quite some time. Finally, due to numerous life changing events, the opportunity to create and perform new music had arrived and once we got started, the music continuously and effortlessly flowed from our hands and into the synthesizers; two collaborative energies finding a common singularity of creation. The music describes this creative moment perfectly: getting lost and found in the present moment; taking an inward journey to communicate with the soul. This recording is the document of a specific moment and a testament to the process of simply being.

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