Romerium creates musical impressions of landscapes, cosmos, architecture and human believings...
His style varies from Ambient / New Age / Drone to Classic EM / Berliner Schule...
Mark Jenkins - Modular Sessions 21: Planet of the Robots

Artist: Mark Jenkins
P: 2023
LTD 100
Issue 21 of the monthly collaborative synthesizer music CD series completes the trilogy started with MS10 “Rise of the Robots” and MS15 “Battle of The Robots”. Eons later, robots dominate the planet under the reign of a Robot Emperor, leaving the chaotic times of the humans far behind. Massive sweeps of synthesizer sound, thrilling sequences and robotic voices picture life on the robot planet, until the urge comes to leave for the stars…
One of the largest casts yet of collaborators from the UK, European, US and South American synth music scenes join in, one creating developing textures, rhythms or sequences while the next adds melodies, abstract sounds or dialog samples. There’s plenty to appeal for lovers of the TANGERINE DREAM “Sessions”, JEAN-MICHEL JARRE, VANGELIS, KRAFTWERK, KLAUS SCHULZE, and even HELDON or JAN HAMMER with touches of electronic jazz and avant-garde classical added by Rob Harrison (of Z Machine) and Hannah Chappell (of Cellistica) guesting on sax and cello.

14,90 EUR
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Romerium - Apollo
Artist: Romerium
P: 2019

APOLLO is the 13'th album from Romerium.
It consists of seven rhymthmic instrumental synthesizer musical impressions of the NASA APOLLO missions to the moon.
13,90 EUR
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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.307 12/2020
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 307

5,00 EUR
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