German producer Dirch aka NEM, Sponky. Dirsch is not only one of the most important figures on Hamburg’s vital electro scene, but also put his name on the German electro map with his previous releases.
Elec.Inpho - 3.000.000

Artist: Elec.Inpho
P: 2001
Elektrolux e1100011cd
With ‚3.000.000’ he created a superb collection of finest electro tracks that showcase a wide range of emotions. From the dark and rough electro excursions of tunes like ‚Sub Sub’ and ‚Blue Box’ to the smoother, almost uplifting approach of ‚Lana de Rock’ or the mesmerizing feel of ‚Schntzi’ - this album offers the full spectrum. Well, and on top of that you might be surprised by this straighter, state of the art minimal house tune called ‚Niedlich’ or the downtempo grooves of ‚Ask The Doctor’. The overall result speaks for itself revealing some of Dirschs most mature music to date.

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