Ishq ( Matt Hillier und Jacqueline Kersley) are based in st ives Cornwall, uk and have been making music since about 1995 under various guises including 'Indigo egg , Ishvara , Elve and a few other alter egos.Ishq music skirts between Idm electronica , Deep ambience and even has some newage overtones.The emphasis seems to be on music as harmony.
Elve (Ishq) - Emerald

Artists: Elve
P: 2010
Elve is Matt Hillier aka Ishq and with Emerald he brings a full length album of green lush soundscapes and harmonic transmissions which have a tropical rainforest feel at times and as usual an otherworldly quality.
'Emerald' as with all the Elve music is centred around the idea of 'plant intelligence' and the use of these plants to allow humans to see beyond the human realm and commune with the plant and devic kingdoms.
On a more simple level this work like all the Virtual releases can be seen simply as a sonic landscape painting or journey through and imagined landscape created for horizontal listening and chilling.

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Ishq - Fluid Earth

Artists: Ishq
P: 2010
The album is a classic mix of early Ishq soundscape music and melodic ambience.
When 'Orchid' was released as an album on Interchill records it was also released as a 2 cd limited edition on Dakini records in Japan and throughout asia.Many people are unaware of the 2nd cd or this version of Orchid and so this is the 2nd cd from the Dakini release available on a seperate cd of its own as an album called ' Fluid Earth ' which was to be its name originally when  the tracks had been composed.

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Pan Electric + Ishq - About Time

Artists: Pan Electric + Ishq
P: 2008
ISHQ & PAN ELECTRIC explore the great intangible element of the universe through minimal electronica and lush ambient tracks .

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V/A - Hope

Artist: Ishq, James Murray, Halogen,
Hol Baumann u.a.

P: 2009
Packaged in digipak cover with 8-page booklet.
Artists were asked to create compositions that reflected their interpretation of the term Hope.

“Although we are living in a world of injustices - where the rich get richer, while those in need get left behind - there is often an inherent hope in those who suffer the most. Where people have the least they value more, the simple things that others take for granted. While some are disconnected from the true meaning of life, there are others who appreciate the beauty and awe of the world and what is has to offer. In these souls is a spark of light that no corrupt power can extinguish. Despite the negativity that we are all faced with in life, the human spirit can always overcome. Whether this is in the innocent laughter of a child, the compassion shown from one suffering human being to another, or through the creative translation of emotion into sound, the joy of life is communicated all around us - we need only be willing to open our hearts to it.”

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V/A - Max.Chillroom

Artist: Hibernation, Shakatura, Bluetech u.a.
P: 2007
With its bell-curve-like flow of ascending and descending beats the amazing Max.Chillroom will personally escort you on your own mind-opening journey. Max.Chillroom has all new tracks from the absolute finest international artists working the fast-growing chill-out scene. This is the first mainstream distributed and supported CD from this genre. The first in a series of chill-out compilations offers eleven exclusive new tracks from the cream of the global chill community. Produced by Lloyd Barde, the tracks were culled from artists all around the globe. Each track unfolds perfectly into the next, and the lineup finds artists from Israel, France, Sweden, Bulgaria, England, New Zealand, Canada and the west coast of the USA.
Discover just how far this genre has progressed with this cutting edge collection of all new tracks. Plan to move and groove to the fabulously well-carved beats that pave the way for what will prove to be a timeless disc of masterfully chilled tracks.

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Various Artists - Floatation

Artist: Ishq,Steve Roach, Circular u.a.
P: 2001
All new tracks by the artists.

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