Wave, Tom

Tom Wave is an austrian musician who only produced one CD togther with the guestmusicians: Gandalf, Robert Julian Horky, Gernot Ursin and Toni Burger.
Wave, Tom
Tom Wave - Pacific Paradise

Artist: Tom Wave
P: 1991
The last of the recent imports produced by Gandalf, Tom Wave's Pacific Paradise is quite contemporary and acoustic. Wave's piano, bass, percussion and playing of the Matrix 12 computer synthesizer shows a delicate flair, moving in and around the guitar leads by Gandalf on three tracks, Toni Burger, who adds violin on two, and by Horky on flute on the lengthy final piece. Throughout, Tom Wave manages to create his own style of space music, adding nifty little undertones of shifting beats on "Off the Beaten Track" and the joyous, memorable arrangement of "Wave of Bliss."

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