Hailing from Buenos Aires, Sebastian Galante a.k.a. Seph is one of Argentina’s main electronic music artists. With more than 10 years of activity in the techno scene, he has established himself as a multi-faceted artist, dividing his time between roles such as an energetic, prolific producer, heavily requested remixer, Aula Magna Records label manager, and a live act which has driven him to perform all across the globe. A sound experimentalist at heart, he devotes himself into expanding the sonic experience on the dance-floor and in the mind.
Seph - Alquimia

Artists: Seph
P: 2010

Brilliantly curious productions from Argentinean Seph, transposed onto the full-length by Dumb Unit. Alquimia is a record that lurches, with ease from odd, Radiophonic experimentation to full bodied tech-house bangers, sometimes in the same track. Always playfully inventive, Seph gives his music a depth to reward repeat sittings.

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