More than 30 years experience in music, Studio mixing and production experiences starting from tape decks ,synths, samplers and sound modules to Logic midi, AW8, Logic Silver, Logic Gold and the last stage Logic Platinum.
Musical skills starting from guitar and bass player in some local bands, and later piano courses. Active composer /songwriter with more than 150 songs already composed. Wide range of musical intrest starting from classic to electronic music and everything between it.

Godfried Stockmans based in Belgium
Sonic Research Society (Stockman + Fiesel) - Driftin Further
Artist: Stockman & Fiesel
P: 2021
Sonic Research Society is a project by Godfried Stockman and Christian Fiesel.
Electronic Music out of familiar expectations, partly danceable, rhythmic, experimental, powerful. This music could be backing a movie that has to be created yet. Or for the movie, that happens to be formed by your own fantasy while listening to the album
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Stockman + Mac of BIOnighT - Solar Mission

Artist: Stockman & Mac of BIOnighT
P: 2008
"Both Stockman and Mac are known for bright, optimistic melodic EM, often with themes of ancient or future worlds, so it is not overly surprising that the two would decide to join forces, and Solar Mission is the result. It doesn’t take long for the title track to start moving right along with a steady beat and light electronics. Tangerine Dream’s pop sound of the mid-eighties, particularly their soundtrack work, is a handy reference point. Occasionally a passage may turn darker as the atmospheric sound effects take over, but it usually isn’t too long before the synth melodies and sequencing return. Whooshing winds fade right into “Space Travel”, which reminds me of Software with its easygoing accessible nature. “Closing In” features the catchiest melody yet and is likely to get your toes tapping along with its infectious rhythms. On the softer side is “Solar Orbit,” a brief ethereal number, which then launches into “Heat,” a bouncy happy tune with an insistent beat. Synths and sequencing build up nicely at the end. Fuzzed out sounds start “Sun Flares” before moving back into light, bright melodic electronics. Given Stockman and Mac’s musical leanings it’s no surprise that there is little to be melancholy about here. “Probe One” is a chilled exception, all atmosphere and space twitters. But the stuttering pulses of “Data Stream” bring the energy right back. Solar Mission is the ticket for easygoing accessible EM fun."


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Stockman - Experiment 545

Artist: Stockman
P: 2012
The 6th album from the Belgian artist Godfried Stockmans aka STOCKMAN is suitable for listeners who like dark ambient. It describes an ecological desaster of incredible extent after a failed experiment having consequences for the entire civilisation. The music mirrors doubts, confidence and suspension during the experiment. After its failure and extensive conatmination despair, grief, rage, hope and resignation are expressed in different varieties. But the world keeps changed and empty...

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Stockman - Future Science

Artist: Stockman
P: 2007
Future Science, an album filled up of complexes musical diversities, both for the kinds and the metallic industrial sonorities. Rhythm bordering hooking atonal, trapped in a synthesized and gelatinous fusion!
Electricity (Share1 & 2) opens this 4th Belgian musician opus on a more technoid mood. After a romantic and vaporous intro the first blows of percussions hammer a slow, heavy and incisive tempo. A dance of fat zombies on strikes that hit intensity and a synth with robot like harmonies.

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Stockman - Mining

Artist: Stockman
P: 2004/ 2005
The tracks on this CD represents my personal experiences as a miner during the period of 1975-1982. After all those years of working underground I wanted to create a musical piece to express my feelings of working down a mine. The mines in Belgium are now closed down.
All of my respects now go out to those who continue to work in mines around the world, to those who have been injured or have been killed or have died from disease related illnesses caused by working in such an inhospitable environment deep in these unforgiving, forboding places of work called mines.
1 Going Underground
This track represents the 'Bell-like' warning signals that were given by the personnel who operated the main-shaft elevators that went to 720-800m deep. These signals were used to help secure the 'floors' of the elevator during transportation of the miners.
2 Medit
The mine workers were transported to the coal-seam face in small underground trains. The workers had time to take a nap or to meditate before they started work.
3 The Machine Inside
Upon arrival at the coal-seam face, the machines that tunnel and dig-out the rocks and coal work continously and fill the empty wagons that wait.
4 Pre-Historic
This piece represents the feeling you experience when you're working in that environment. Sometimes you find the fossilised remains among the rocks and on stones of plants and animals that lived many millions of years ago.
5 Conveyor
An almost continous stream of rocks and extracted coal is transported over a great distance to the surface. Sometimes the conveyor is used to transport the workers, however such a method is dangerous and the passage is sometimes narrow.
6 Diggin'
This is at the heart of the 'mine' the coal-face. Where tons of rock and coal are extracted, there is a lot of 'dust' and the working environment here is unhealthy and very dangerous.
7 Sleepy
A power failure shuts everything off. Air from the surface stops and it's gets warmer the workers feel sleepy, and the risk of toxic gases building-up is greatly increased in the inhospitable conditions of the mine.
8 Oxygene valve
The trained rescue workers are on a mission to help recover a man who has been trapped, here these workers are also experiencing problems too.
9 Going Home
The electrical engineers finally manage to restore the power once more, and the workers can commute back to the relative safety of the surface.
10 From a Distance
At night in the calm and tranquil air you can hear the upper-mine activities in the heat of the summer, when you have your window open.
11 Terril
Terril is a large mountain of waste material that is deposited on the surface, it is made-up of rocks and stones that have been seperated from the coal. Here we can see the remains of the mine buildings in the surrounding landscape.
'The Mine' photos are taken by Godfried Stockmans on a grey day in October 2004 and by Lothar Lubitz on a blue day in August 2005. With the grey cover version Godfried wants to express his dark grey experiences as a miner during the period of 1975-1982 and with the blue cover version Lothar wants to express the cold blue steel of the machine, that will remain visible for miles around in the landscape forever.

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Stockman - Part of the Industry

Artist: Stockman
P: 2014
Powerful pieces with sequences, rhythms and melodies. Well-chosen synthesizer sounds give a catchy disc.
Composed, performed and produced 2014 by Godfried Stockmans
Track 1 and 8 in cooperation with Danny Van den Berge and Kink Stereo


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Stockman - Sequences On Request

Artist: Stockman
P: 2010
After the collaboration with Mac of BIOnighT on the album 'Solar Mission' this is Godfried Stockman's 4th solo album.
Absolute perfect combination of all vintage VSTs you can use on your PC to make fast Berlin School music. Every track features different sequencing styles.
Composed, mixed and performed by Godfried Stockmans
Track 1 feat. Mac of BIOnighT.

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