Habes, Tom

Tom Habes from the Netherlands is also known as Optical Image. His works always have a relation to the music of Chris Franke.
In 1986 Tom Habes started his music career with electronic music. Under the stagename Optical Image he released several albums. Since 1996 Tom Habes has been writing library music, mainly specializing in genres such as suspense, dramatic, tension, grieve, drones and stings. His library music database now comprises more than 1300 tracks. His library music as well as his commisioned work is used for film and television productions in the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Mexico and Australia.
Habes, Tom
Tom Habes - Soundtracks Vol. 1

Artist: Tom Habes
P: 1997

Here the soundtracks compsed by Tom Habes, which he composed for TV and movies.
The music reminds to the works of Chris Franke, even the sequences sound similiar.

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