Borghi, Matt

Matt Borghi is an East Lansing, MI-based music composer, and sound artist. Working mostly in the areas of ambient music, field recording and conceptual sound art, Matt has carved out a sound that is uniquely his; a sound where subtlety, nuance, and texture are Matt's compositional tools towards creating dense sonic tone poems and contemplative microsymphonies.
Borghi, Matt
Matt Borghi - The Phantom Light

Artist: Matt Borghi
P: 2009
Matt says: The Phantom Light is a work that's comprised four compositions with titles derived from some of the most remote lighthouses on the northern Great Lakes.
The works are inspired by sailor's tales of being adrift on The Great Lakes during storms, and catastrophic weather. Sailors, looking out on the horizon for a sign of life, a light of hope, aimed their ships towards the safety of these phantom lighthouses hoping to get to a safe harbor. Often times these phantom lighthouses just lead to a rocky shoal and a watery death. These phantom lights have been a thing of myth for as long as The Great Lakes freshwater seas have been sailed. In many ways, The Phantom Light is a sequel to Huronic Minor, as Great Lakes lore, and Matt Borghi's own experiences on The Great Lakes were the creative impetus for this work.
The four long pieces exhibit Borghi's characteristic simplicity and restraint.

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