An independant electronic artist by the name of Roy Nash from the U.K., who also makes music under the Cirix moniker. This artist releases dark electronic ambient and experimental music. He has done so on small independant labels such as Wide Area Network Records.
Apollyon - Veror Aesik

Artist:  Apollyon
P: 20044
Over an hour of drone and drifting based ambience, mixed with experimental
Some of the most mature and outstanding ambient work we have ever heard is on this album, especially the eerie Disturd and the breaktakingly beautiful Cinveil. Whilst most of the tracks are obviously seperated from each other, rather than the album being one entire work, it feels very, very coherent and concise as an album. The record could easily be compared to Brian Eno's On Land, but that has a completely unique feel and mood, so it would be an unfair comparison to make. But it's along those lines, and every bit as good.

12,90 EUR
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