Brueckner, Michael

The ambient and electronic musician from Germany.
Brueckner, Michael
Alien Nature + Michael Brückner - The Dark Path
Artist: Alien Nature + Michael Brückner
P: 2017
On this CD they have composed music that is mainly in the Berlin School style. It combines driving, exciting, pulsating sections with eerie interludes. At times there is a little menace and unease about the music which fits the title perfectly.
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Betzler + Brückner - Triplet

Artist: Brückner + Betzler
P: 2016
On saturday, october the 29th, tommy betzler, sammy david and michael brückner appeared as additional act in the „upper room“ on 2016‘s e-live festival at oirschot, the netherlands.
they performed three sets (two shorter and one longer) at the beginning of the festival and in the breaks between the acts on the main stage.
the three tracks on this album - although studio recordings - reflect their first two sets (which were largely improvisations). The bonus track is a live-in-the studio version of the closer of the third, and longest set.

michael brückner: synthesizer, keyboards, electronics & programming
tommy betzler: e-drums, gongs, percussion
sammy david: guitar on track 1, 2 & 4 and on live videos (bonus dvd)
fryderyk jona: moog voyager on track 1 & 2, additional keyboards and sequences on track 4

the bonus dvd features video footage of most of the second and third set - however only in lo-fi sound and video quality, which still might give an impression of the actual event...

The first orders get a free DVD as a special gift.


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Betzler + Brückner - TWO

Artist: Brückner + Betzler
P: 2016
Anyone who likes the ambient and Berlin School style of Michael Brückner may like this album anyway, but this time its added by some more rhythm, when Tommy Betzler plays real analog drums. Another highlight are Brückner`s guest musicians on guitar (Sammy David) and on clarinet (Fryderik Jona) Hearing clarinet in electronic music is very special and pretty unique. 

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Breiling + Brueckner - Puuro Ja Silta

Artist: Breiling & Brückner
P: 2023
On two days in the spring of 2017, Achim Breiling and Michal Brückner met for spontaneous electronic jam sessions in Michaels studio, and the resulting recordings - oscillating somewhere between Berlin School electronica, Krautrock and spacy experimental freak-outs - form the backbone of this release.
Working on and off between various other projects on this material, Michael at one point invited percussionist Volker Lankow and guitarist to make some contributions. Recording literally hours of additional material (most of which didn't actually end up in the final version), Michaels intention was to preserve as much of the original flow, energy and spirit of the original sessions as possible, while carefully editing the recordings towards a cohesive listening experience...

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Bridge to Imla - One January Evening

Artist: Michael Brückner & Hans Dieter Schmidt
P: 2018
This album was recorded live in late January 2018 on an evening of live electronic music featuring a solo set by synthesist Ralph Baumgartl, (not included in this release, but it was excellent!) a set by Bridge To Imla - with percussionist Volker lankow on three tracks and finally a jam session involving all four musicians.
Most of the bonus tracks (see below) were recorded at a rehearsal by Michael Brückner and Hans-Dieter Schmidt one week prior to the event, except for...
...the studio version of „The Dream-Quest To Unknown Imla“ which Michael insisted on doing, because he had messed up his mellotrons flute solo at the concert when he looked into a blue laser beamer by mistake. ;-)
released June 29, 2018 Bridge To Imla is: Hans-Dieter Schmidt: synthesizer, keyboards, EWI (electronic wind instrument) Michael Brückner: electronics, synthesizer, keyboards ...with: Volker Lankow: percussion, loops, soundscapes & samples on tracks 8 - 10 and 16 - 21 Ralph Baumgartl: synthesizer & keyboards on tracks 16 - 21
cover photography: Norbert Zumdiek concert photography: Stefan Trippler cover design: Michael Brückner event catering: Anke & Tommy Betzler
Special thanks to Jürgen Linde for providing beverages! :-) And VERY special thanks to Mathias Brüssel for his safety recording of the BTI performance - it turned out that we needed it...! Finally, a BIG "Thank You" to our wonderful audience - some of You travelled a long way to be with us on that January evening!

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Brückner + Brüssel - Ondes Intergalactiques Live at the Cosmic Nights 2015

Artist: Brückner + Brüssel
P: 2015
This album contains the recording of Mathias Brüssel's and my performance at the 3rd Cosmic Nights electronic music festival at the planetrium of Brussels' Belgium, on Friday evening, May 29th 2015 - plus various tracks that were either recorded in the five preceeding rehearsals in which we conceived the music and prepared for the concert (the bigger part), or which were otherwise produced in connection to that event.
This means there are several (and partly considerably different) versions of "ondes intergalactiques", our three part "suite" for the festival, but also tracks we rehearsed as possible encores (at the actual concert though non of the performing artists played an encore, and so we skipped our's too).
Also there are other improvisations we played as little "asides" during the rehearsals, partly to test various sounds, or strategies, or aspects of the main tracks.
Finally, some tracks were inspired by the experience and spirit of the festival as a direct reaction to being there, and some of these are included, too.

It is very important to me to point out the big role that Mathias Brüssel had in this project:
As some might know, the two of us form the improvisational electronic duo "Le Mansarde Hermetique".
When it was confirmed in late 2014 that I would perform at the Cosmic Nights festival, I invited him to join - first of all because we do harmonise very well in a live situation, but also because I wanted to make a performance that would work without any prerecorded backing tracks (which are to some degree unavoidable if You try to present complex music alone).
I'm happy to say that we reached this goal to at least 90 %. Generally speaking Mathias was in charge of most of the live sequencing (however he also played some chords, effect sounds and melody lines in all tracks) while I took care of the soloing and the chord progressions in the first place (although I also was responsible for one sequence in each track, and for some of the effect sounds).
In the first three months of 2015 I was very busy with other projects, and in this time, Mathias developed first versions of the basic structures for all three parts of the suite, while I only threw in some vague ideas and had the luxury of giving my opinion on ideas he presented to me (...usually I would just answer: that's great, yeah, go on, please!).

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Brückner + Everling - Reiseziel Mond

Artist: Brückner + Everling
P: 2020
"Reiseziel Mond" is a reminiscence to the 50th anniversary of the first manned moonlanding. The studio album is based on a live event in the observatory of Rodewisch in Saxony near Dresde in Juli 2019.  Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, was a Theremin player as well, so Detlev Everling used this instrument as a kind of obeisance to the astronaut. Musically you can expect a nice and balanced mix of melodic EM (sometimes with a Berlin School touch), ambient, and more contemporary chill-out, with some cinematic / neoclassical moments here and some experimental excursions there (much in the vein of their first album "Sparrows" released in 2014, but then again a bit differen, too...)

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Brückner + Everling - Sparrows

Artist: Brückner + Everling
P: 2014
Brueckner & Everling is the cooperation between Michael Brueckner and Detlev Everling. Brueckner is well known for his big number of ambient albums, he released since more than 20 years. Detlev Everling is a professional musician playing French Horn mainly in an orchestra, but as well in different projects. In this cooperation french horn as an analog sound as well as a processed and edited sound is a very interesting and rare combination with the synths and effects of Michael Brueckner. Additionally female vocals in two tracks give this album another unique character.

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Brückner - Klaustrophilia Extended (2CD)

Artist: Brückner
P: 2021
I'd like to dedicate the music to the man who inspired it -
the master: Klaus Schulze!
Michael Brückner plays Waldorf, Korg, Behringer & Elka (hardware) synthesizers and Native Instruments, UHE, Propellerhead and Waldorf (software) synthesizers.

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Brückner - Umkehrpunkt

Artist: Brückner
P: 2022
Now this has been "updated" to a full album with the addition of an extended (hidden) BONUS TRACK . The first and the last track originally appeard on YouTube at some point (improvisations both actually), the second track was previously unreleased. The new (hidden) bonus track was created during the preparation of the upcoming re-release of my 2012 album "Eleventh Sun" (planned for later in 2022) and contains some elements of the track "Purjah" - plus plenty of new sounds...

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