Sol, Victor

Lars Müller born in 1964 in Marburg / Germany. Since 1979 he composes electronic music. Since 1994 he released music under the name Victor Sol. Also known from the projects: Hypnobeat and Sieg über die Sonne.
Victor Sol - Solphax

Artist: Victor Sol
P 1995
PS 08/71
LTD: 1000
The first FAX-soloproject by Victor Sol, already known well from projects like "Gate/Sol", "+N - plane", "XJacks" and "Aerial Service Area 1+2". This CD recorded between 1992 and 1994 in Barcelona/Spain shows up with incredible futuristic soundscapes alternating with minimalistic beatoriented environmental ambient ("Detroit is Waiting"). Victor Sol is famous for contantly buying vintage and rare electronic instruments on his search for the most unique and outstanding sounds. This 12 track album is the best work he has done so far.

15,40 EUR
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