Cerullo, Victor

Italian composer Victor Cerullo (1969). Being the hereditary musician Victor has selected for himself an area of modern electronic music. Originally his creativity tested the certain influence of such genres as prog-rock on the one hand and European traditional melodic electronic music with another. Prevalence of this second melodic component with combination of Cerullo's skill to create completely special and bright musical atmosphere in all his compositions became appreciable in "Loneflyer" CD. Victor Cerullo is a big admirer of the famous Russian film-director Andrey Tarkovsky and "Visions" CD is a homage to this great artist.
Cerullo, Victor
Intelligentsia + Victor Cerullo - The Signal to Off World

Artists: Intelligentsia + Victor Cerullo
P: 199

Limited CD single collaboration between Intelligentsia (UK/Japan) & Victor Cerullo (Italy). Hi-Energy, positive electronica & space music themes.Both 'The Signal' and 'Offworld' have been popular hit electronica themes for those who love inspirational instrumental SPACE music.
The fast track is in the style of Jarres melodic tunes.

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Victor Cerullo - Loneflyer

Artist: Victor Cerullo
P: 200

The album is an excellent blend of melodical, rhythmic and progressive electronic music with sometimes traces of the music of Jean Michel Jarre. A great example of this is the impressive track “Above The Clouds” which really gives you the feeling of flying above the clouds. All alone, but free.
With “Loneflyer”, Cerullo proves that he’s one of the finest new talents in electronic music.
“Loneflyer” is based on the novel “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” from Richard Bach, a source of inspiration for many musicians (Gandalf for instance). Cerullo dedicates the album to all the gulls living far away from the flock, as well as to his father.
Loneflyer is a CD inspired by Richard Bach’s “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” Victor Cerullo’s soundscape would serve well as a soundtrack for this fable about aspiring to be more and about nonconformity allowing the heart and soul to take the physical being beyond conventional reality. Victor’ soundscape includes symphonic synthesizer washes, subtle electric guitars and genuine seagull samples. Victor mixed and arranged the soundscape with great integrity and meticulous detail. The result is a crossover of symphonic sequences and pastoral ambience. Vintage instrument samples augment and integrate the sound design. It has a “new age feel” without pushing the envelope. The CD is pure electronic fun! Victor has chosen to highlight the purity of Jonathan’s quest to become more. The deep pastoral synth washes and manipulated samples maintain thematic integrity. The symphonic overtones create a grand crescendo. Deep rhythms and sequences provide the dénouement. The CD closes with two tracks from Ludus as arranged for E-Live 99. They serve well as a coda.

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Victor Cerullo - Ludus

Artist: Victor Cerullo
P: 1998
Now this is something classic EM listeners will enjoy from the very first moments. Not only has Cerullo managed to squeese ALOT of amazing sound from the only two synthesizers used (Korg 01/W and Korg Polysix, with the help of Roland R8 Rythm Composer and Emu Procussion) but the music covers just about anything from the classic EM genre in terms of style and arrangements. And not only can one easily spot influences from the great masters of electronic music, but also influences from classical music.
The music is divided into three main parts, and each part is divided again into 13 separate tracks (the 14th track is a bonus piece). The intention was to form a theme for each main part, and expand on that theme in different directions for each sub-part. There are no songs here that outshine others, the quality is constant during all of the album.
The sounds here are also amazing. If it is true that only a couple of synthesizers were used, those musicians who collect synths because they think they need dozens of machines to make good music, have no valid arguments anymore! There is not one single second without great sound. "Less is more". So not only is the music classic EM, but the sounds are also classic and resemble both the smooth analogue of the 1970s and eerie processed vocal samples.

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