Armitage, Howard

Howard Armitage is a UK based musician who only released one CD.
Armitage, Howard
Howard Armitage - Tranquil Water

Artist: Howard Armitage
P: 2000
Unlike many of the more prolific artists in contemporary medative music, Howard offers a stunning spiritual album creating introspective music full of subtle beauty, at times quite delicate. Throughout the music encompasses a feeling of great beauty woven together in pure ecstasy, If it possible to perfect the craft of evoking human feelings then this is it. You will be carried away by 'Tranquil Water' overflowing with the qualities of peace and tranquillity.
Sometimes, you CAN judge a book by its cover. The full moon over the water on the front cover, with the phrase "Music to relax the Spirit." A unicorn on the back cover. Titles like 'The Calm,' 'At Peace,' and 'Be Still' don't suggest sequencer-infused rhythmic passages, and indeed they are not. This is peaceful, soothing music with a decidedly new age bent, complete with bird noises and loads of water sounds.
  If you like soft, sweeping synths, mixed with light bells and nature sounds, then you should find this disc appealing. Though mostly electronic in nature, the music does strive to convey a sense of emotion and passion. And though the sounds and themes are nothing that hasn't been done before, I suppose it does succeed in this regard. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to be anything but relaxed and calm after listening to this CD. This is early morning music for quiet reflection. Either that, or music for meditation. Armitage clearly can play, as demonstrated by the piano in 'Calling,' which is simple but quite beautiful. Other than this, though, most of the disc relies on large doses of lush synth strings and pads. Acoustic guitar makes a brief appearance on 'Big Blue,' interspersed with very bright, tinkling electronics. 'Drifting' is appropriately titled, as synth oboe strains waft over more atmospherics. Fans of more emotive Vangelis works may enjoy this CD, and it should really appeal to fans of music in the traditional new age style. (PD)

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