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When these two work together, the machines get hot!
Keller + Schönwälder
Broekhuis, Keller + Schönwälder -  In Repelen (DVD+CD)

Artist: Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder feat. Raughi Ebert & Thomas Kagermann
P: 2010   

The DVD includes the complete concert show from 7th February 2010 and some interesting views beside the concert and the musicians. The CD will include three tracks from the Repelen concert 2009, a prev. unreleased track from our studio sessions for the "Repelen 3" CD, an excerpt from the Repelen concert 2010 and a surprise: Gerd "Der Laborant" Wienekamp hands on BK&S. One track from our concert recordings ­ remixed by Gerd Wienekamp.
DVD Recorded during a concert at Dorfkirche Repelen at 7th February 2010. Running time: 95 minutes
Track 1 is recorded in October 2009 at Detlef´s place in Moers.
Tracks 2 and 3 are recorded live at Dorfkirche Repelen at 7th February 2010.
Tracks 4, 5, 6 and 7 are recorded live at Dorfkirche Repelen at 18st January 2009.

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Broekhuis, Keller + Schönwälder - Berlin-Culemborg (DVD)

Artist: Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder
P: 2008 / 2013
All tracks composed, arranged and played by Bas Broekhuis, Detlef Keller & Mario Schönwälder.
"The Streets of Culemborg" and "Do you remember the king?" are recorded during a concert at NGK church in Culemborg/The Netherlands on 1st March 2008.
"Do You Remember The King?" is a hommage from BK&S to KS!
"Berlin Bei Nacht", "Kreuzberg", "Berlin ..." and "... Im Frühling" are recorded during a concert at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in Berlin/Germany on 4th April 2008.
"Mysteries Of A Full Moon Night" is recorded during a concert at Toskana Therme in Bad Sulza/Germany on 16th August 2008.
Audio recordings by Frank Rothe & Gerd Wienekamp.
Audio mastering by Gerd Wienekamp.
Filmed by Marika & Thomas Fanger.


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Kagermann, Keller + Schönwälder - Liquid Session

Artist: Kagermann, Keller, Schönwälder & Friends 
P: 2005

At Liquid Sound Festival 2003 Bas Broekhuis, Thomas Kagermann, Detlef Keller, Chris Lang, Andrea Saphira, Mario Schönwälder and Gerd Wienekamp played an outstanding space & ambient music session. Now you can listen to this session on a limited edition.
This release from 2005 offers 56 minutes of calming electronic music recorded live at the Liquid Sound Festival at the Toskana Therme, Bad Sulza on November 8, 2003. Mario Schönwälder, Detlef Keller (both on synths) and Thomas Kagerman (on violin) are joined by “friends”: Bas Broekhuis (on percussion), Gerd Wienekamp (from Rainbow Serpent) and Chris Lang (both on synths), and Andrea Saphira Leonhardi (on ethereal voice).
Employing gradually building strains in an improvisational milieu, the performers generate a distinguished dose of soothing sonics that steadfastly mounts in density and passion. Languid textures coalesce while percussion lurks with subtle presence. Violin drones enter the mix, flavoring the tuneage with a classical edge and injecting a romantic flair with melancholy definition. Vocal intonations enter with the beginning of the second of the three long tracks. The violin adopts a more pensive mood as the sonic flow continues. A particularly fluid sound flourishes while the percussion takes a break. Crystalline chimes season the liquid progression. As the piece reaches its conclusion, the percussion reemerges with slow beats, foreshadowing a transition to an even sparser soundscape. The final track maintains this serenity for a long time, while the violin meanders through the flow like an enraptured gypsy. The piece gains an increasing but restrained tension as the performers forge an enduring covenant of tranquil vigor.

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Keller + Schönwälder + Fanger - Entspannung Pur - Pure Relaxation DVD

Artist: Keller & Schönwälder & Fanger
P: 2013
Pristine nature impressions and soft healing music
This exclusive DVD turns your living room into your personal relaxation and wellness oasis. As often as you like! Allow your stressed soul a wonderful healing journey and instantly escape from your hectic daily life. Recharge your inner batteries with the positive energy of pristine nature scenes of idyllic forests, magic ocean waves and tranquil sunset impressions. The high quality relaxation videos are accompanied by carefully selected healing and chill out music tunes. Enjoy pure relaxation!

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Keller + Schönwälder - Long Distances

Artist: Keller & Schönwälder   
P: 2011

This contains two long (and one shorter) tracks of space and ambient music, played with the Schrittmacher sequencer and the Memotron.
Berlin School music at its best.

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Keller + Schönwälder - Loops + Beats

Artist: Keller & Schönwälder 
The first CD represents beautiful atmospheric music with some first rate sequences in that good old classic 70s style, the second is more upbeat and definitely '90s'. The lead lines and sequences vary but each one is crafted superbly. A couple of the tracks also include drums and if there ever was an album that shows how drums and sequences can be combined together for powerful effect then this is it. The second disc 'Beats' consists of 50% solo compositions by Detlef Keller with the other half made up of joint efforts (except for one Schonwalder track). After a few minutes a hypnotic rhythm takes centre stage which lasts until the end of the track. 'Beat 3' starts in a similar fashion to the previous track but develops into yet another stormer, this time with rhythm constantly changing. 'Beat 4' is even better with some superb lead lines particularly towards the end. 'Beat 5' features a repetitive bass drum that should be one for the 'Ambient' crowd. 'Beat 6' starts off like a more recent Klaus Schulze track then shifts into overdrive with the return of the bass drum which is a little lower in the mix than on the previous title but above it all is the best lead line on the CD so far- wonderful! The album is rounded off with 'Beat 7' which begins very laid back but as the sequence builds, more rhythm is added, the bass drum packing a powerful punch. Layer after layer of sequence and melody are added.

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Keller + Schönwälder - More Loops

Artist: Keller & Schönwälder 
P: 1998

Absolute perfect Berlin School CD.

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Keller + Schönwälder - Reason Why...Live at the Jodrell Bank

Artist: Keller & Schönwälder 
P: 2000

Live recordings from 2000 at Jodrell Bank (UK).
This will be followed up by CD Reason Why part 2.

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Keller + Schönwälder - Sakrale Töne

Artist: Keller & Schönwälder 
LTD 444

Composed, arranged and produced by Detlef Keller and Mario Schonwalder
Track 1 and 3 recorded live during a performance at Radio Fritz in Potsdam on 27th January 1997.
Track 2, 4 and 5 recorded during a concert at Markus Church in Gladbeck on 11th January 1997.
Bonus Track 6 recorded during a studio session at Studio Detlef Keller in Duisburg on 11th October 1996.
Wolfgang Kraesze voice on track 1
Mario Schonwalder - voice on track 5
Mario Schonwalder and Detlef Keller - voices on track 6

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.216 05/13
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 216
5,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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