Baaden / Cremer

In December 2008, Andreas received a strange e-mail about the almost forgotten MySpace. Sender was a certain level π looking for people with a similar musical taste. Andreas decided not to put the message in the trash and wrote back. So the musicians got to know Uwe Cremer from Cologne and Andreas Baaden from Aegidienberg. It soon became clear that they not only wanted to talk about music, but also wanted to create music together. Both of them were already traveling in various music projects back then. Andreas was with his rock band Basement Two just in the start-up phase, Uwe was in the middle of the production of a new solo album. However, it was immediately clear to you: this Rhineland cooperation will be a very special project! For more than ten years, baaden / cremer have been getting together for jamming - either in Uwe's studio in Cologne or in Andreas' "Antares studio" in Aegidienberg. Already the first sessions resulted in material that is very independent: classic prog rock paired with electronic music of the Berlin School. Sometimes it was purely electronic jams, then it was rocked again. Finally, at a session in December 2017, the idea was born to rework and release some of the pieces. The album "Aufbruch" was born.
Baaden / Cremer
Baaden - Home

Artist: Andreas Baaden
P: 2020

People need tranquility, safety, comfort. We want to calm down from the fast-paced activity of modern lifestyles. Turn into a quiet back road where we can gather new experiences beyond the mainstream. We love to undertake imaginary voyages to future worlds and see how life will be in 3723, or just do nothing the whole lonely day, just letting ourselves go. These are the stories the nine tracks on Andreas Baaden’s new album “Home” tell us. It is quieter, but also more experimental than the previous albums. On the title track "Home" two melodies are playing with each other without any loud basses and drums - a calm you can look forward to.

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Baaden / Cremer - Aufbruch

Artist: Baaden & Cremer (Level Pi)
P: 2019

1. Das Lebenselixier (the elixir of life)
"The Elixir of Life" is a long piece inspired by the Berlin School. It was created in the Level π Studio in Cologne during an extended jam session.

2. The Rise and the Fall of Proxima Centauri pt. II
"Rise and Fall" is a very special piece for us. It took 28 years and a month to complete. The basic track was recorded live by Andreas on a stereo tape and then transferred to cassette. Of course he used pure analog equipment: a Korg MS 20 and an old Hohner Excelsior String Keyboard, made in Italy. The additional tracks were recorded in 2009 with modern equipment. For us "Rise and Fall" is a timeless piece of music!

3. Kurz vor dem Aufbruch (shortly before the departure)
Berlin, 1975: Klaus Schulze is already on his way home, but has forgotten to switch off the sequencer in the studio. Curious about the music, Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Richard Wright enter the studio, take their instruments and start jamming. This is the so far unknown Klaus Schulze/Pink Floyd Collaboration, which we thought up "shortly before the departure" by Andreas from Cologne.

4. Moonglow
We're looking up. Into the sky. It's cold. The moon is high above the landscape, the scenery is frightening. Shadows are everywhere, the future is uncertain. Moonglow.
Recorded and mixed in Aegidienberg and Cologne.

5. Das Möbiusband
...inside, outside and inside again. Further and further. Keep running. Music flows on an endless level. One side, one path. If you think you have reached your goal, you are back at the start. Inside, outside and inside again. Further and further. Run on. Music flows...
Recorded during a jam session in Cologne.

6. Steamroller on the Interstellar Highway
The song was written during a jam session in Aegidienberg 2011. We decided to re-record the song and suddenly it became a completely new track. Let's rock!


13,90 EUR
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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.288 05/2019
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 288

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.299 04/2020
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 299

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