Mandible Chatter

Mandible Chatter is the enigmatic duo of Grant Miller and Neville Harson, two very unconventional US-based guitarists who joined in the early 90's via an ad placed in a Bay Area newspaper. At their best, they have contributed to some of the most gratifying experimental music of the past five years, drawing comparisons to everything from the Residents to Zoviet France to early Pink Floyd, defying categories even as they are pigeonholed. Literally, the duo's records have been reviewed in extreme noise zines one week and played nationwide by new age DJs the next, at home in both places but ridiculously unfit for either.
Mandible Chatter, as an ongoing musical experiment, has the uncanny ability to occasionally rip the casual listener away from passive listening, into a tumult of sweet melody and/or rhythm, devoid of lyrics, but rich with things to say. No one else comes close to this brand of subtle arrogance. The music of Mandible Chatter is an impossibility... like a man who casts no shadow, a joke to be told at funerals, clichés transformed into mystical archetypes, sacrosant ideas converted into preposterous cliché.
Mandible Chatter
Mandible Chatter - Grace

Artist: Mandible Chatter
P: 1995
This is Dark Ambient, Abstract, Tribal, Experimental

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