Gazit, Raviv

Raviv Gazit is an Israel-based instrumental electronic music composer with a diverse and clever mix of electronic music, highly charged with rhythmic, urban and ethnic elements.

Raviv began exploring the possibilities of computers in music during the early 80's and has been a prolific composer ever since.
Gazit, Raviv
Raviv Gazit - Shape Shifter

Artist: Raviv Gazit
P: 1999
"Shape Shifter" is the first release on AD by Israel's Raviv Gazit. It is in keeping with the label's excellent track record, but breaks new musical ground at the same time. A vastly experienced musician and composer, Raviv has created a set of tightly controlled, sometimes unsettling, but always highly compelling compositions. From pulsating and dynamic to gentle and ethnic, one of his obvious talents is in switching moods, styles and tempos. While it verges on the avant-garde at times, with dark tones here and there, "Shape Shifter" is engaging along the lines of Ian Boddy's DiN label or some of the more upbeat FAX titles. And it is easy to get hooked on its diversity & sweeping experimentalis.

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