Bauch, Uwe

Uwe Bauch from Germany has released 3 synthesizer CDs so far!
Bauch, Uwe
Uwe Bauch - Electric Garden

Artist: Uwe Bauch
P: 1995

There's something strange yet thought provoking about the cover graphics on this 1995 CD. 'The Room' introduces the album with organic effects, the sound of a heartbeat, and wispy synth refrains. 'Ready to Fall' takes over seamlessly with optimistic synth sweeps which are joined by a simple sequence a few minutes later. Unusually the sequence sounds unquantized as if played freehand. Subtle and effective. 'Run to Exit' layers repetitive riffs and snatches of flutey synth on top of a percussive sequence which emulates the rhythm of a train alà Kraftwerk's 'Trans Europe Express'. The title track features a constant DEEP drone pierced by electronic pings and assorted effects. Sequence territory is more fully explored on 'Lost World Part 1' (there isn't a part 2). Initially the approach is fairly conventional with deep bass sections fading in and out. Latterly though a more freehand approach is adopted to present a variety of patterns, unusually in almost total isolation. 'Jump in the Ozean' is a minimalist affair featuring swept synth sounds emulating abstract whale song and other such aquatic noises, while 'Asteroid B612' ends superbly in spacey Van Zyl territory. This is an album which will appeal to those who like brooding works of substance; "music to listen to in an isolation chamber" type of thing. Yet it isn't so challenging that it would frighten off those who like more immediacy in their music. I found the organic and improvised feel of the music very appealing. (GG)

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