A Produce

A Produce (Los Angeles) creates evocative and heavenly soundscapes with a richness of sonority, breadth of timbre, a mix of influences both contemporary and non-Western, and sumptuousness that is simply breathtaking.
In 1988, A Produce's interest expanded to modern day synthesizers as they offered a richer palette of sounds, and his first solo album, The Clearing, was released.
A Produce
A Produce + Loren Nerell - Intangible

Artist: A Produce + Loren Nerell
P: 2011

The first collaboration between two artists well-known to Hypnos listeners and fans of ambient & experimental music in general.
While Intangible has a meditative and tranquil drifting quality, it also incorporates more melodic and rhythmic elements than most ambient music of the present day. Listeners who like their ambience musical will enjoy this as much as those who like their drones deep and mystical.
Though it's the duo's first collaboration together, both of them have been releasing music for about a quarter century. These guys are responsible for some of our "Desert Island Disc" listening material here at Hypnos HQ (A Smooth Surface and Lilin Dewa are both long-time favorites). Often at Hypnos we try to introduce new, fresh talent to our listeners, but this is a case of two music-makers who know all the tricks, and yet continue to create work as vibrant and inspired as anything on the cutting edge.
A Produce has released ten albums, including two on Hypnos (Smile on the Void solo, and Altara in collaboration with Hypnos founder M. Griffin). Loren Nerell has released solo work on Amplexus, Soleilmoon, and Side Effects, and collaborated with ambient music giant Steve Roach on Terraform in 2006.

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A Produce + M Griffin - Altara

Artist: A Produce + M Griffin
P: 1999

Mike ("M") Griffin is the founder of Hypnos records, as well as one-half of the electronic duo Viridian Sun (e.g., Perihelion,Solar Noise). He describes himself as "a visual artist and writer who inexplicably came under the spell of the notion he should record the noises he makes with electronic instruments and tape machines."
For this album, Griffin teamed up with LA-centered Trance composer/artist "A Produce" (Barry Craig) to produce this album over an 18-month period and release it in 1999. (Both had gone several years without releasing a full-length album.) Interestingly, neither artist met each other face-to-face during the recording process.
The album begins with four shorter pieces, and concludes with a 36-minute track, "You Send Me the Message." The album is ambient, minimalist, droning, slowly-evolving, spacious, and excellent.

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A Produce - Reflect like a Mirror, respond like an Echo

Artist: A Produce
P: 1997
Looks to be the band's third out of five CD's.Tag this effort as 'ambient bliss'.Either way,this trance-oriented piece of work has it's moments.Really enjoyed the celestial "Opening" and "Near&Far Away",the pulsating "Speaking In Tongues" as well as "Clear Pools" and "Native Pulse".A lengthy CD here,with a duration of 77 minutes.'Refelect Like...' closes with a 25- minute epic,their extended version of the one minute opener,"A Smooth Surface".Just might appeal to fans of Kenneth Newby,Rapoon,Jeff Greinke and Robert Rich.

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A Produce - Smile on the Void

Artist: A Produce
P: 2000

One of the underappreciated greats of the ambient/atmospheric genre, A Produce masterfully demonstrates with SMILE ON THE VOID his unique approach -- blending deep, churning ambient atmospheres with compelling yet restrained trance rhythms. A Produce says:
"I've always been interested in the slow movement of sound; indeed how it evokes a seduction of the listener, gradually drawing them in. Smile on the Void is a study in the movement of sound, the overall theme relating to the sleep cycle: restlessness/insomnia; sleep; dreaming; and awakening. The project over the course of time as an attempt to characterize sound in the various stages of this communal experience."

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A Produce - White Sands

Artist: A Produce
P: 1995
White Sands is a retrospective of some of A Produce's best work, chronicling material from 1988-1994, including tracks from The Clearing, Reflect Like Mirror, Respond Like a Echo, A Smooth Surface, and Land of a Thousand Trances, as well as hard-to-find tracks, alternate mixes, and unreleased pieces. White Sands is the best sampler of A Produce's early work. With this recording, he clearly demonstrates his gift for creating an expansive and organic kind of trance music, or at least that's what he calls it, but it's a lot closer to what is commonly know as ambient or space music. A Produce, as demonstrated in this recording and others, has a unique gift for making even the most mundane instruments and timbres sound exotic and fresh. While the period following White Sands sees A Produce exploring darker more clinical compositional material with his Hypnos Recordings work, this is a great sampler to truly a get a taste of the artist's musical roots and earlier music directions.

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Steve Roach - Borealis (DVD)

Artist: Steve Roach, David Parsons,
A Produce u.a.

P: 2006
""Borealis"" is the first DVD release of Sausalito, CA-based light artist Lynn Augstein. ""Borealis"" is a one-hour music and light immersion featuring Lynn's transparent light waves accompanied by deep, cellular sound, from ambient music artists Steve Roach, David Parsons, Ranga, Om, A Produce and Dwight Loop. All images are made from halogen light sources. ""Borealis"" is experiential light projection art, drawing on a long tradition in the use of light and color as a creative medium. Also included in this deluxe DVD package is an 8-minute interview with the artist talking about her light art, giving insight into her inspiration and artistic development; an 10-minute preview of her upcoming DVD release ""Mandala"" and 10-minutes of footage from Lynn's various installations and concert collaborations.

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V/A - The Other World

Artist:  Vidna Obamana, Ron Boots
Alpha Wave Movement, Jeff Pearce, u.a.

P: 1998
This double CD features 142 minutes of previously unreleased material by musicians exploring the non-physical realm. This 2-CD set released on the Hypnos label is a must for devotees of drifting space synth music.

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