A Produce

A Produce (Los Angeles) creates evocative and heavenly soundscapes with a richness of sonority, breadth of timbre, a mix of influences both contemporary and non-Western, and sumptuousness that is simply breathtaking.
In 1988, A Produce's interest expanded to modern day synthesizers as they offered a richer palette of sounds, and his first solo album, The Clearing, was released.
A Produce
A Produce - Smile on the Void

Artist: A Produce
P: 2000

One of the underappreciated greats of the ambient/atmospheric genre, A Produce masterfully demonstrates with SMILE ON THE VOID his unique approach -- blending deep, churning ambient atmospheres with compelling yet restrained trance rhythms. A Produce says:
"I've always been interested in the slow movement of sound; indeed how it evokes a seduction of the listener, gradually drawing them in. Smile on the Void is a study in the movement of sound, the overall theme relating to the sleep cycle: restlessness/insomnia; sleep; dreaming; and awakening. The project over the course of time as an attempt to characterize sound in the various stages of this communal experience."

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Steve Roach - Borealis (DVD)

Artist: Steve Roach, David Parsons,
A Produce u.a.

P: 2006
""Borealis"" is the first DVD release of Sausalito, CA-based light artist Lynn Augstein. ""Borealis"" is a one-hour music and light immersion featuring Lynn's transparent light waves accompanied by deep, cellular sound, from ambient music artists Steve Roach, David Parsons, Ranga, Om, A Produce and Dwight Loop. All images are made from halogen light sources. ""Borealis"" is experiential light projection art, drawing on a long tradition in the use of light and color as a creative medium. Also included in this deluxe DVD package is an 8-minute interview with the artist talking about her light art, giving insight into her inspiration and artistic development; an 10-minute preview of her upcoming DVD release ""Mandala"" and 10-minutes of footage from Lynn's various installations and concert collaborations.

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V/A - The Other World

Artist:  Vidna Obamana, Ron Boots
Alpha Wave Movement, Jeff Pearce, u.a.

P: 1998
This double CD features 142 minutes of previously unreleased material by musicians exploring the non-physical realm. This 2-CD set released on the Hypnos label is a must for devotees of drifting space synth music.

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