Vir Unis

John Strate-Hootman born in 1969 lives in Morton, Illinois and makes deep ambient electronic music since the late 80ies.
Vir Unis
Ma Ja Le + Vir Unis - Imaginarium

Artist: Ma Ja Le + Vir Unis
P: 1998
If there is a soul inside electronic music, Ma Ja Le has it. This album is sombre, introspective music that drifts along in the upper stratosphere. This music is the breath inside a whisper that leaves you wanting more.  Lots of dark tribal rhythms and also some smooth ambient syth stuff without the beats. This even has nice guitar treatments similar to David Pearce. It's a little dark - but nicely so. Each piece is different and creative.

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Steve Roach + Byron Metcalf - The Serpent's Lair

Artist: Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf
P: 2000   
Ambient explorer Roach and percussionist Metcalf originally began this as an experiment into the effects of breathwork and the use of sound on a person "as a shamanic strategy for healing, personal growth, and transformation." The successful effects their music had in group settings were extended into these compositions. While billed as a collaboration between the two men, The Serpent's Lair also features contributions by (deep breath) violinist Vicki Richards, overtone vocalist Jim Cole, pre-Hispanic sound sorcerer Jorge Reyes, singer Lena Stevens, synthesist Vidna Obmana, "groove alchemist" Vir Unis, and djembe players Jeffrey Fayman and Momodu "Mohammad" Kah. The two discs in this package act as yin and yang--the eight parts of the first disc, "The Serpent's Lair," highlight intoxicatingly hypnotic drum rhythms slicing through churning ambient spaces, while the seven cuts that make up the second disc, "Offerings from the Underworld," travel down darker, spacier streams with subtle rhythms, reverberant vocals, and exotic aerophones caressing and riding the ethereal aural waves. This invigorating combination of musicians invents a dynamic new perspective on Roach's trademark deep-listening forays. It would be wonderful to hear more collaborations like this.
All music arranged, mixed, melted and recorded by Steve Roach at the Timeroom Studio, Tucson AZ. 1999 - 2000
Music produced by Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf.

With musical help from:
Vicki Richards - serpentine violin in The Lair
Lena Stevens - processed voice
Vidna Obmana - harmonic wave in pt. I in Rite Of Passage.
Jeffery Faymanand Momodu "Mohammad" Kah - djembe in Rite Of Passage, Big Medicine and Future Tribe
Jorge Reyes - voice, flutes, ocarinas, whistles, shamanic percussion and voice in Birthright and Cave Dwellers
Vir Unis - groove alchemy in Beating Hearth Of The Dragon Mother and Lena - voice in Ochua

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Steve Roach + Vir Unis - Blood Machine

Artist: Steve Roach & Vir Unis
P: 2001    
This is the next highly-anticipated chapter in the BODY ELECTRIC / LIGHT FANTASTIC story, except this time its a new book altogether. Steve Roach and Vir Unis have pulled out all the stops to create a musical experience that flows with the natural precision of the body's life-blood, by way of a constant enfoldment of hyperstate fractal grooves and luminous soundworlds that are unique to their collaborative spirit. These ideas first explored and developed on Body Electric and Light Fantastic merge to create a multi-dimensional voyage into the lifeblood of the man/machine concept. This project has gone through several phases in its development over the past two years. Numerous pieces were created and set aside as the artists made new discoveries and continued to push the envelope further than ever before. The music was first visualized in stages of constant dialog and conceptualizing along with mapping out of early pieces as a blueprint or schematic. Many of these pieces were absorbed into the blood machine much later in fractalized from as the shape of the music was constantly shifting and morphing into its current form. Like the transparent overlays in a book of human anatomy, the veins, organs, and skin of the body were used as a metaphor as the pieces were born and raised in the bio-electric lab-studio. With both artists working in identical nonlinear hard disk systems, they were able to collaborate on a high level where complete sessions were going back and forth between studios and literally picking up where the other left off. This focus and creative use of the latest technology along with a strong inner vision paved the way for a fusion of collaboration and collective innovation.

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Steve Roach + Vir Unis - Body Electric

Artist: Steve Roach & Vir Unis
P: 1999    
The music is a unique blend of smooth ambient textures, techno rhythms and various acoustic and natural recordings. The artwork on the album was created by computer artist Steven Rooke. Instead of a booklet, this CD comes with four cards. The first card contains the front cover and on the reverse side the liner notes while the other three cards feature a panel of artwork on each side.
Get ready for a new level in bio-electronic "soul stirring body music, forged out of the reflections from the gene pool from which we crawled out." This collaboration has brought about a powerful step forward for both artists. Judging from those who have previewed this recording, it is sure to surprise, delight and perhaps short-circuit fans of dynamic electronic-organic music. This album was created on the instruments of our time by two artists who have reached deep into the heart of the machines, pulling out the passion captured on

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Steve Roach + Vir Unis - Light Fantastic

Artist: Steve Roach & Vir Unis
P: 1999
On this project, I set out to create a perfect blend of searing, light-filled soundworlds of relentless beauty merged with a constantly shifting interplay of "mandala grooves" that never overwhelm the atmospheres, taking the music to a high place. For me, it's the answer to the question of balance between the two dynamic elements in my music that are always calling me deeper. It's also a fitting metaphor in day to day life as well: the motion of momentum and the call to repose. I feel like this one came together in all the right ways, with the build to "Touch the Pearl", "Realm of Refraction" and "The Luminous Return" expressing a quality of emotions that I have been reaching toward for years.

1999 Steve Roach


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V/A - Collection 2 Moving

Artist: V/A
P: 2003
New and unreleased material , compiled by Databloem and mastered by Ron Boots.

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V/A - Convergent Evolution

Artist: Vidna Obamana, Vir Unis,
Steve Roach u.a.

P: 1999
An electroacoustic journey through the vast soundscapes of the imagination where ideas converge and evolve into passionate harmony.
All tracks unreleased and unavailable elsewhere.
Produced in August, 1999.
Track 1 - Recorded and mixed at the Serenity Studio, Belgium, May 1999.
Track 2 - Composed and recorded in The Living Room, May 1999. Special thanks to Jean Larson.
Track 3 - In The Bubble Music, BMI 1999.
Track 4 - Conceived, composed, performed, and produced in the Shadowland, 1999. Special thanks to Patricia Rongstad, and Judith.
Track 5 - Recorded at Dark Harbour Studios, June 1999. "For my wife. While she might not always understand my music, she always understands me."
Track 6 - Created in the Timeroom, Tucson Arizona. (c) 1999 Soundquest Music, BMI. Special thanks to Vidna Obmana and Nathan Larson.
Track 7 - Created and mixed in The Living Room, June 1999.
Track 8 - Recorded in the House of Miracles, December 1998.

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V/A - Sub.Terra

Artist: Vir Unis, Vidna Obmana, Saul Stokes u.a.
P: 2003
"The latest release from Foundry Records, "sub.terra" is a fascinating compilation based around the concept of creating a series of pieces using only a trumpet as source material. the artists all started with a set of trumpet recordings and from there processed and treated the tracks until they came up with the works contained herein. and a very impressive collection of works it is! featuring tracks by Vir Unis, vidnaObmana, Saul Stokes, Michael Bentley and Interstitial, "sub.terra" provides not only an excellent group of challenging pieces, it also serves as an introduction to some of the best artists in the field of electronic music today. with each of the artists contributing their own interpretations, each adding their own particular sounds and flaours, "sub.terra" crosses a range of styles and ideals. from the dark drones of Interstitial, through the percussive groove of Vir Unis, the space and movement of vidnaObmana, the hypnotic chilled electronics of Saul Stokes, and the dark deep-space explorations of Michael Bentley, "sub.terra" is an excellent collection, and well worth checking out." rik maclean

"This release from features 61 minutes of collaborative electronic ambience. The project was ini
tiated by Interstitial (aka John Koch-Northrup), who created a basic theme that was then provided to a selection of notable ambient synthesists who elaborated on the original template. The CD begins with Interstitial's original theme. An assemblage of ethereal tonalities congeal to generate a distinctly subterranean harmony of subtly varying textures, often pitching shrill enough to emulate horns echoing from cavernous strata. Then Vir Unis (aka John Strate-Hootman) applies whispering beats and a dreamier sense to the caverous reverberations. While those beats start out as barely noticable, their soft patter rises to more definable status, evoking an anticipatory tension to the mix. Soon, the rhythms evolve into an engaging enhancement that rivals the basic template for the audience's attention. The next track finds VidnaObmana embellishing the template with ghostly undertones that accentuate the echoing quality of Interstitial's melody, changing the mix into a haunting procession through underground tunnels. Then Saul Stokes takes a shot at mutating the basic theme, transforming Interstitial's caverous mood into an interstellar medium full of twinkling stars and breathing nebulae. Rhythms emerge to attribute more body to the infinity, and those tempos continue to grow, overwhelming the underlying structure. Which leads to a remix by Michael Bentley (aka eM), who dissembles the template into quite a different sonic creature. Textures become more elongated, creating a more suspenseful ambience punctuated by horn-bursts of utmost clarity. The introduction of quasi-radio emissions render the piece into a pulsating deconstruction. The finale belongs to Interstitial, who blends elements from all these collaborators together to produce a magnum opus of ambient proportions. (While the basic template and the other remixes are between 8 to 11 minutes long, this piece clocks in at over 16 minutes.) Expert manipulation infuses aspects from each earlier treatment into the basic theme, producing a lush track that flourishes with variations while taking a more introspective tact." --soniccuriosity

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V/A - The Ambient Expanse

Artist: Vidna Obamana, Steve Roach,
Patrick O'Hearn, Vir Unis
, Stephen Bacchus
P: 1998
All new tracks, exclusive for this CD!
"The Ambient Expanse is a five-movement collaborative work created by two generations of ambient artists."
All movements composed and recorded May - July 1998 at the artists's studios. Final mix at the Timeroom. Final mastering & Assembly at the Timeroom, Tuscon, AZ, USA on July 18. 1998

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Various Artists - Portraits

Artist: Saul Stokes, Vir Unis, James Johnson u.a.
All new titles, each artist was asked to create a self portrait in sound.

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