Marshall, Ingram

US-American composer, born 10 May 1942 in Mount Vernon, New York, USA.
Marshall, Ingram
Ingram Marshall -  Fog Tropes / Gradual Requiem / Gambuh I

Artist: Ingram Marshall
P: 1994

Ingram Marshall's subdued soundscapes are constructed of simple materials and laid out in a rather transparent manner, but the cumulative effect of his music is much harder to pin down. His echoing sonorities and overlapping textures create a haunting ambience that lingers in the mind, and the sustained air of mystery and desolation in his work can affect the emotions almost on a subliminal level. There is nothing remarkable or original about the basic plan of Fog Tropes, which involves the blending of a brass sextet with prerecorded sounds of fog horns, seagulls, and voices. But the subtle handling of overtones and the seamless timing of entrances and diminuendos fosters an illusion of real spatial relationships that the listener's imagination supplies. Slipping from darkness to light and back again, the Gradual Requiem employs minor triads, pentatonic scales, and layered pitches in a series of meditative movements that suggest a spiritual journey. Although Marshall does not use the text of the Requiem Mass, he expresses bereavement through somber timbres and slowly unfolding sequences that induce a reverential mood. Gambuh I, for gambuh (Balinese flute), synthesizer, and tape delay has no explicit program, but its dark coloration and softly dissolving sounds place it among Marshall's most introspective pieces.

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