Dhyanam is originally from the USA and as a teenager he wrote and recorded his songs and played guitar in a number of Rock and R&B bands. At the same time, he was developing a taste for music "outside of the boundaries" of everything he was hearing and playing. The first big change of musical direction came during his time of traveling  and living in India, where he fell in love with Indian music, which led him to study and learn to play the sitar. 
Dhyanam then moved to Holland, where he currently lives. He works in his studio in Amsterdam along with his wife who produces all of his music. He now draws inspiration from the rich classical music heritage of Europe, as well as from the pioneers of European electronic music such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, and soundtrack masterpieces like Klaus Doldinger's Das Boot. But above all, the music of the master himself - Vangelis, continues to amaze him. With all of these influences bubbling inside of him, Dhyanam's focus is drawn ever more to merging Western classical, pop, new age and other contemporary musical forms together with electronic and computer generated sounds to create music that ranges from introspective to joyous.
  His approach to composing is one of letting the melody lead the way, and this is evident throughout his compositions, which are full of heartfelt melodies, interwoven with synthesizer sounds and rhythms, creating a richly woven melodicelectronic tapestry, that is intricate in its simplicity.
Dhyanam - Deep Embrace

Artists: Dhyanam
P: 2008
A quite beautiful and emotionally rewarding debut album from Dhyanam, who brings us his own unique, gently laid back style of electronic, new age instrumental music. "Deep Embrace" is yet another treat for lovers of melodic music as Dhyanam's diverse musical palette weaves it magical spell creating a diverse yet totally cohesive range of instrumental music that embrace classical, cosmic, gently rhythmic and Tomita style up tempo pieces. Dhyanam has created his own unique style and sound here, while his approach to composing is one of letting the melody lead the way.
That philosophy is evident throughout his compositions, which are full of heartfelt melodies, interwoven with synthesizer sounds and rhythms that create a richly woven melodic electronic tapestry, that is deceptively intricate in its simplicity. From the classically influenced "The Source" through to the compelling and moody "Silent Talk", Dhyanam has created a gorgeous and quite eclectic new age electronic music album full of romanticism and mystery that's a fine addition to the AD Music catalogue.
"Whoever said synthesisers were as cold as a banker’s heart ought to wrap themselves in the embrace of a musician whose synth sounds may be a touch old-school (I never thought I’d hear pan pipe samples again) but his compositions are warm, romantic, and, above all, highly melodic. Varied, too: sometimes his electronica is pulsing and rhythmical, other times it’s soothing and symphonic with supreme intricacy in the lovely layering of sounds. Some of the sweetest synth you’ll hear this millennium."
- Radio DJ - Ashley Franklin

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Various Artists - A little More Night Music

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2011
"A Little More Night Music" is the 6th volume in the essential "Best of Series" taken from the AD Music catalogue, building on the success of not only the series to date, but in particular the hugely popular volume 5 "Night Music". Therefore, "A Little More Night Music" follows in a similar 'late night listening' mood, with more beautifully evocative music carefully chosen to reflect mysterious journeys of discovery through emotionally inspired soundscapes, destined to become your own personal soundtrack of the mind. This compilation perfectly illustrates the depth and variety found in the AD Music catalogue, presenting contemporary melodic music that crosses the new age, electronic and space music genres with consummate ease.

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