AeTopus is the innovative music project of Bryan Tewell Hughes, a multi-media artist whose music is influenced as much by art, nature and the human experience as it is by a singular idea or moment in his life. The moniker AeTopus suggests time (Ae), while “Topus” loosely means place.
AeTopus - Cup

Artists: AeTopus
P: 2023
When composing, AeTopus builds lush blankets of sound from pulsing electronic sequences and traditional percussion, then subtracts and subtracts from them. As a trained visual artist, AeTopus learned the value of negative space and applies that knowledge to these compositions. This approach leaves fragments of interlocking elements with simultaneous sparseness and complexity. “Pure” ebbs and flows around an odd-meter beat, briefly interrupted by sylvan guitar. “Glance” swells from a stuttering warble into a subtle, propulsive rhythm. “Access” hypnotizes with its strobing beat, a darkly reflective counterpoint to the album’s peacefulness. Ultimately Cup is a work of passion that demonstrates the artistic process throughout all the pieces with such refined, beautiful expression. 

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