Project Andrew Rotten

Andreas Morsch is a member of Pyramid Peak and since 2003 he works on this sideproject.
Project Andrew Rotten
Project Andrew Rotten - En Passant

Artists: Project Andrew Rotten
P: 2005

Andreas is the second member of Pyramid Peak to go solo, the first being Axel Stupplich who records under the name Axess. Both artists will probably not like me saying this but to me this could so well have been solo Axess (from his first two albums) on the purely electronic numbers and Axess and Maxxess on those including guitar. Whatever, this is a fantastic album so please don't let little things like the name it is recorded under put you off. The title track gets things underway and initially it has a rather ominous feel. Echoing tones, some bright and others heavy bass, fade into the distance. Things turn quite melancholy then a slow rhythm starts up along with moody lead line. It all had a rather early eighties Tangerine Dream sound to me. A second lead, this time a real scorcher, increased the excitement so much it got my hand playing air keyboard. It gets even better with the introduction of a sequence, firing the second lead up once again to even more devastating effect than before. A superb way to open the album. 'Sharp Sequencer' lives up to its name by wasting no time in cranking up one of the said beasties immediately, some lovely wailing guitar giving extra bite. The guitar then seems to develop dual roles, one providing rhythm whilst the other provides awesome lead lines. This is so exciting! Guitar and electronics in perfect harmony. Absolutely stunning stuff.
'Again and Again' has quite a dramatic start with hissing effects before settling down to soft mellow pads. Things really kick in the second minute as a wonderful sequence and rhythm combination take centre stage. A wandering lead line gives a contrasting dreamy feel. The sequence morphs and becomes even faster increasing the excitement level still further. In the sixth minute it is all change with a new sequence and rhythm keeping things fresh for a final syncopated blast. 'Depression' is appropriately melancholy, slow rhythms and sequences providing a lovely moody atmos. A guitar enters in the second minute, growling low in the mix as a synth lead pulls at the heartstrings. Yet another superb track.
'X-Ray' initially has an almost bouncy Jarre, 'Oxygene' type feel to the sequence but as more elements are brought to play it develops a sort of happy jaunty character all of its own. A little 'tongue in cheek' maybe? 'Breath' is another very moody one, starting with deep drones, sinister sounds and effects and a lovely wistful three note melodic motif. The feel changes completely a couple of seconds later as a bright bouncy sequence makes an entrance. The pace quickens with the introduction of an excellent rhythm and before you know it things have morphed into one of those numbers that gets you driving way too fast. Again it all sounded like early eighties TD to me- and all done so well. It isn't all one paced either as the tempo rises and falls, tending to get moodier during the slower moments.
'Spiders on The Wall' is a real brooding number. It gets underway with some lovely melodic interplay setting a rather ominous searching mood through which a delicate sequence tiptoes. A slow rhythm falls into formation as we continue the steady build up. Next element to be added is a sort of virtual guitar sound, quite low in the mix, making things seem even more sinister. 'Pulse' has a lovely tranquil start. Little melodic flourishes add extra interest, like the Sun's first rays penetrating the gloom, then a lovely thick ballsy sequence comes in followed by a second exciting staccato one. The intensity starts to build and we are soon moving along at quite a scintillating pace. A sublime melody floats over the top contrasting beautifully with the powerful boiling main body of the track. There is still five minutes to go however- plenty of time to step up another gear or two and this is exactly what happens with the introduction of drums and more exciting leads then finally blistering guitar finishing the album with a real blast.
This is a superb CD. All the tracks are excellent and should be loved, as mentioned already, by anyone into Axess or indeed Axess and Maxxess.


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