Art of Primitive Sound

These two italian musicians play on prehestoric instruments and the sounds are really interesting, stange and funny.
Art of Primitive Sound
Art Of Primitive Sound – Musical Instruments From Prehistory

Artist:  Art Of Primitive Sound
P: 1993
Completely acoustics natural sounds. Appropriate listening requires adjusting the volume according to the pieces. Sound are recorded in a "natural" setting, that is, using the acoustic reverberations of particular environments with cole-up and far away sounds. Insert "Loudness" (low frequency accentuator), equalized, etc., according to the HiFi equipment, the listening environment and the sound quality desired.
Musical instruments from prehistory: upper paleolithic
"Art of Primitive Sound"
Reserch and musical composition by Walter Maioli
Walter Maioli - in all tracks
Patricia Mayer - tracks 01-03-05-09-10
Luce Maioli - tracks 01-03-08-09
S.W. Nirodh - tracks 08-09
Asaga - track 08
Luca Migliaccio - track 08
Giuliano Rosa - tracks 01-09-10
The instruments were collected and assembled by Walter Maioli with the collaboration and contribution of Pia, Antonio Peticov, Fred Gales, Gaetano Roi, Elena and Luce Maioli, Patricia Mayer, Nirodh, Luca Migliaccio, Poppi Crippa, Italo Bertolasi, Pietro "Pit" Piccinelli, Julian NunaKi, Tukanayare, Yoshi Oida.

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