Another sideproject by David J.Hughes. Also known as Skin Mechanics, or T-Bass UK.
Skin Mechanix - Media Evil

Artists: Skin Mechanix
P: 2003

Fast melodic, rhythmic tracks with a lot of catchy sounds. A good overview of all releases from T-Bass UK or Skin Mechanix.

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Skin Mechanix - The Secret Life of Angels

Artists: Skin Mechanix
P: 2002

Skin Mechanix is basically Dave Hughes from T Bass (UK) and the mysterious 'Skin'. 'First Flight' begins with lovely thick sizzling drones and wind sounds that combine together causing a swirling backdrop through which a lovely thick rhythmic loop, that wouldn't have been out of place on an Arc album, emerges. It's sharp, thunderous and full of attitude appearing often throughout the CD, always to great effect. More loops, sequences and rhythms are added until we have an awesomely powerful number. We keep getting small breathers from which the avalanche of sequences and rhythms return with added vigour. After the half way mark a superb lead line flashes over the top accompanying another melodic loop. What a fantastic track this is. We flow into the title track on the back of some extremely thick dark cosmic pads. In complete contrast to the previous number we then get melancholy piano and flutey synth leads which conjure a wonderful moody atmosphere which in some ways creates as much excitement as the storming opener. 'Ultravista' takes us straight back to sequences and that fantastic wonderfully produced rhythmic sound I mentioned on the opener, this time with a hissing edge like steam escaping from shafts above the fiery pits of hell. A melodic loop acts like a second sequence then another really excellent melodic lead comes in.
Not many acts show equal skill with rhythms as they do 'tunes'. Skin Mechanix seem to be masters of both though the 'tunes' have real attitude, ideal for air keyboard playing rather than tender and relaxing. We then get a very short track 'Interlude at the Edge of Known Space' where the cosmic pads are so deep they are felt more than heard. 'ZeitGeist' is straight into another simply awesome lead line in both melody and sounds chosen. More excellent leads are introduced then a brace of fantastic sequences surge forth and POW! Just when you think things can't get any better they do. The typical SMD customer is simply going to go Ape over this. Its powerful synth music with a snarl! And those lead lines- track after track of brilliance! High hat rhythm and very deep bass sequence emerge out of more thick pads on 'A Chromium Dark'. A second higher register sequence bounces over the first and then enters a lovely Mellotron sound. 'Berlin School' I hear you think and yes it very much has that sort of feel. We then take more of a contemporary turn as the steam laden thick heavy rhythms come in. It is still the sequences that take centre stage however.The Great Discovery' continues with sequences of a rather retro variety sounding rather like a short sequencer demo piece. 'Glow' on the other hand is completely devoid of structure being rather atmospheric and cosmic. Something of a tonic if you like before the storming 'Dimension Jump'. Within a few seconds the sequences and Arcish rhythm burst into life along with a bass beat. It has a similar feel to the opener. The foot is full down on the accelerator and its impossible to keep the body still. This album should be liked by all fans of T Bass (UK) though if anything it has even stronger melodies but at the same time a harder edge. Many a fan of Shreeve or power synthesis in general should also go for it. Did I like it? What do you think! As Dave Hughes' confidence increases his music just gets better and better. The chances are you will like this album on first play but by the third it will probably be on constant rotation. It will be massive! (DL)
Based on material originally composed by David Hughes and Skin between July and August 1999. Re-recorded at InfectionStudios between December 2001 and July 2002. Mastered at Face Studios, Newcastle in July 2002.


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T-Bass UK - The Fabulous Neutrinos

Artists: T-Bass UK
P: 2001
The Fabulous Neutrinos' is a cracking album. T-Bass UK have come a long way since 'The Infection of Time'. That was also an enjoyable album but what we have here is a very well balanced and produced CD. One could even say "slick". The title track kicks the album of and its as powerful a number as you could want - drums, guitar and loads of synths combine together to form something of a rock anthem. 'Ice' is a short atmospheric bridge taking us to 'Know Fear'. Here the mood is much more reflective and even tender reminding me a little of some of Andy Pickford's more tranquil tracks. Its initially all very lush and atmospheric. A rhythm starts up and the track develops a little umph though it is all kept under control retaining the beauty of the first half throughout. 'The Lighthouse' is another number which really socks it to you and lets rip. You could find yourself playing the air drums, air keyboard or even air guitar - probably all at the same time! 'Gazing at the Edge of Forever' begins in tranquil mode then a slow loping rhythm enters. This rhythm develops as we progress giving the track real power. The melodies and guitar riffs also combine to form yet another stonker. 'Call from the Wild Side' is the closest this album gets to pop - it could even be used as a TV theme tune - all very melodic and boppy. '6EQUJS (Wow!)' begins with the sound of a radio being tuned in we then get something which sounds as if it could have come from one of TD's mid 90s albums. It's all rather pleasant, nice melodies, relaxing drums and some fine guitar playing.
'Asylum' is a wonderful and all too short slow atmospheric brooder - a great contrast to the two previous numbers (its this mixing of moods that is one of the reasons this CD is so impressive). '10000 Maniacs' reminds me a little of 'Melrose' period TD and if it had been on that album it would have been one of my favourites. 'Memory Lingers Here' is yet another highly enjoyable slab of easy to get on with melodic synth / guitar music. Great for relaxing to on a hot summers day. 'A Question of Time' finishes the album like we started, that is in in rock star mode - a great one for some on stage pyrotechnics. This album is essential for all those who like artists such as Andy Pickford, Intelligentsia, Bekki Williams or Mark Shreeve. Its all rather commercial in the best sense of the word and is one of those albums that could be liked by someone outside the EM scene as well as within. (DL)

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Various Artists - Awakenings 2009 Volume 1

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2009
This is the new Awakenings Collection Part 1 of the new unreleased tracks by the artists listed out of the year 2009.

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