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Alio Die + Parallel Worlds - Circo Divino (Vinyl)

Artist:  Alio Die & Parallel Worlds
P:  2010
LTD 500

This is the first collaboration by ambient master Alio Die with soundscape creator Parallel Worlds. The unique sound achieved could be described as a hybrid sonic world, made out of bouncing electrons and air vibrations. The modular machines of Parallel Worlds are merged with the acoustic instrumentation and drones of Alio Die, joined by the ethereal voice of the Polish vocalist/composer India Czajkowska, resulting in a surreal, yet down to earth, listening experience. The compositions, being, at times, minimal and calm and, at other times, full of mystical darkness and microsound elements, take the listener into a place were mental and physical boundaries have no need to exist.
“Parallel Worlds’ music is a combination of dreamy/atmospheric textures with analogue rhythms and sequences. Parallel Worlds use mostly huge Analogue Modulars and Analogue Step Sequencers of the past and present, combined with digital synthesis techniques.
Bakis Sirros has been involved in various sound design projects and is the moderator of the Doepfer A100 modular users group, helping in the progress of the tools for experimental electronic music.
He also participates in some other collaboration projects, the project “Interconnected” with the German musician Ingo Zobel (of DRON, Signalform, Self Oscillate, Datasette, etc.) and the project “Memory Geist” with the Australian electronic musician Steve Law (of Zen Paradox, Starseed Transmission, etc).
Since the late '80s, Stefano Musso has recorded deep, evocative experimental ambient and electro-acoustic soundscapes under the name Alio Die.Combining sweeping electronics with found sound and acoustical treatments, he has assembled a rich and varied collection of recordings for such labels as Projekt, Timebase, Heart of Space / Fathom, and his own Hic Sunt Leones label.
His music is a shadowy, cavernous, intensely detailed fusion of acoustical elements, step-and-repeat sample treatments, sparse, echoing percussion, and deep, atmospheric sound design, playing ambient's static tendencies off of shifting melodic and textural passages that suggest movement without sacrificing the music's vague, entropic formlessness.
This is the ltd 500 vinyl version.

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Alio Die - Aurea Hora (Vinyl)

Artist:  Alio Die
P: 2006

LTD 400
"Aurea Hora" 10" include two unrealised tracks recorded in 2005.  There is a very special release that includes the two ALIO DIE issues on SmallVoices: the reissue of his fantastic masterpiece "Under an Holy Ritual" (SVV004), very well known ritual ambient music milestone on 12" LP and the totally new and exclusive Alio Die studio work titled "Aurea Hora" (SVV007) released on vinyl 10".
This EP features two exclusive tracks of evocative magmatic soundscapes. The completely new recordings (with drones, loops, zither and integrated radio noises from an old valvular model) are similar to early Alio Die experiments or to ‘Sol Niger’. Entrancing atmospheres will bring you into Stefano’s magical world, which is an oneiric, dreaming journey to the inner self.

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Alio Die - Under An Holy Ritual (Vinyl)

Artist:  Alio Die
P: 1992  
LTD 500
Alio Die’s magnum opus on vinyl for the first time. Released on his own label Hic Sunt Leones (1992) and re-released by Projekt (1993), this is a milestone of ritual ambient music. Ghostly incantations from the void, subtly changing frequencies and moods. Dream-inducing atmospheres and introspective drones. Stefano Musso has managed to resurrect unsettling sounds from a pre-Middle Ages epoch and merge them into a pastiche of gripping, evocative pastures for the discerning Ambient fan. Limited to 500 copies.

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Andreas Grosser - Venite Visum (2 LP)

Artist: Andreas Grosser
P: 1981 / 2018
"Venite Visum" is an anthology of recordings made between 1976 and 1980. Released in 1981 on UK's York House Recordings as a cassette tape only, it features some of the most out there, hypnotic and still state-of-the art space music ever to be known to man. For the first time transferred onto vinyl, compact disc and available as a digital download, it was perhaps best described by one reviewer at the time as; "powerfully relentless, repetitive themes which are constantly embellished and subjected to variations in tone colour and instrumentations. The music surges, coming in waves that approach and recede, but with each surge the waves seem to be higher up the shore." Now carefully transferred from an archived tape, remastered and compiled on a double album for the first time, it features the previously unreleased and not less mesmerizing "The Quantum Leap". Come and visit the hidden and almost forgotten. Berlin School music at its best from the original years and instruments.

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Bernd Kistenmacher - Head-Visions (Vinyl)
Artist: Bernd Kistenmacher
P: 19
86 / 2012
The first "real" solo album by Bernd Kistenmacher from 1986 after the originally on cassette published works "Romantic Times" and "Music From Outer Space". The album comes as a 180g-pressing with gatefold cover.

Head Visions is the debut LP of german composer Bernd Kistenmacher. His music is in the direct conitinuation of 70's Berlin space electronic music. Each track features floating, serene, aquatic & epic ambiences based on vintage synthesizers. This first album is really achieved, reaching a high state of maturity, pre-figuring the release of a few little classics. The opening theme is a dreamy-like and melodic composition using extended synth chords, minimal spaced out patterns based on sequencers. This is very closed to Klaus Schulze's late 70's efforts, very calm and lienar, providing powerfully flowing electronic waves that create a charming trip throw the unknown. Quitting Time is a realy hallucinatory, vibrant electronic epic featuring eerie ambiences and moving, repetitive electronic rhythms & hypno loops. Once again it reveals real references to Schulze's majestic abstract soundscapes. La tendresse is the favourite track on this one, a cosmic-proto new agy piece, always bringing to the fore tranquill-spacious synth lines punctuated by conrete noises & effects.  A pleasant listening that can ravish every fan of 70's kosmische music.

Shippment only as package.

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Can Atilla - Can-I Yunus (Double Vinyl LP)

Artist: Can Atilla
The new album by Can Atilla from Turkey shows his true qualities as a composer for complex orchestral works . His almost symphonic compositions contain many traditional elements of his country of origin but also modern moments can be heard on the CD . When listening we spontaneously recorded the parallels to other musicians and so we heard the following structures of other musicians like Vangelis with Mythodea and also his other orchestral works , melodic lines of Yanni and Kitaro , a bit Underwater Sunlight of TD and the film music of Sakamoto . An album that reveals its quality in the second hearing and is technically superior production . The double LP vinyl version comes with additional tracks .

24,50 EUR
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Far East Family Band - Nipponjin (HQ Vinyl)

Artist: Far East Family Band
P: 1975/ 1998
This band is actually classified in art rock in the archives and I must admit that is totally out of place. The music of this Japanese band has its roots in psychedelic space rock. It deserves an obvious comparison with German "kosmische musik" lead by Ashra tempel, Klaus Schulze and many others. The first side is the original "Nipponjin" release with its grandiose title track. "Nipponjin" directly opens the album in an impressive manner. Some molecular noises, cymbals are floating like waves and sitar chords announce the departure to an other planet. A very eloquent "cosmic" trip which finally goes (for the best) into a "plaintive" spacey rock ballad dominated by melodic voices, electronic noises, linear synth notes and acoustic guitar riffs. The lead guitar break is frankly emotional, really intense stuff. "The Cave" is an other fascinating composition, starting with electronic experimentations, pursuing into a groovy, bluesy rock song with nice Floydian's organ passages (the opening theme of "Needles"). The second side of the album is only made of unreleased tracks. "Undiscovered Northern Land" is a rather discreet, abstract soundscape, presented as an interlude. "Timeless" is a typical Far East composition; a dynamic spacey rock meeting a vibrant Asian felt in the voice and the groove. "The god of water" is an other atmospheric interlude for electronic effects. "River of soul" provides a rather similar exciting psych voyage that we can hear in "The Cave". The last three tracks are maybe the less interesting compositions, softer in a sense. "Mystery of Northern Space" mixes an inspired melodic floating rock with the psychedelic edge of the Pink Floyd. A nice rock'n roll exploration throw infinite times and foreign spaces.

Here the HQ-Vinyl Version.

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Ian Boddy - As Above so Below (Vinyl)

Artist: Ian Boddy
P: 2016
DIN 51
LTD 250
Here the Vinyl version!

Ian Boddy, DiN label boss, has never been a musician to rest on his laurels. After the totally analogue, experimental “Tone Science” (DiN49) he now moves onto fresh sonic pastures with his new solo album “As Above So Below”. Boddy has always liked to play around with genres, mixing and matching styles to suit his current frame of mind. On “As Above So Below” he effortlessly combines ambient, classical & electronic music into a seamless, intoxicating sonic landscape. Boddy has been heavily involved in composing library music for many years that feature in TV, films and documentaries and he brings this filmic quality to bear on this suite of six tracks. The title track opens procedures with a great slab of slowly evolving orchestral chords that rise up out of a cold, ethereal atmosphere. Based on Prelude No.1 in C Major by J. S. Bach this awe inspiring opening piece sets the scene for what is to follow. Arpeggiating piano tones, deep Moog basses, ethereal string clusters & analogue sequencers all vie for attention in the following five tracks. The latter are at times light and playful with interlocking layers on tracks such as “Quantum Of Memory” and “The Thaumaturge” whereas an all together darker vibe is created on the deep bass pulses of the brooding track “Shrine”. The final track “One Day” finishes the album off in an emotional manner with rising string melodies above haunting felt piano arpeggios before finally disappearing back into the eerie atmosphere that opened the album. As usual this album will be released in the elegant slimline digipak CD package that followers of DiN will be familiar with. However there will also be a limited edition 180g vinyl album package as well which will include a download code. Both formats will feature a stunning, minimal image by photographic artist Wendy Carroll. Once again DiN have produced a quality release in highly collectable formats for all lovers of modern, ambient electronica.

22,50 EUR
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Ian Boddy - Spectroscopic 1979-82

Artist: Ian Boddy
P: 2013

Boddy started his electronic music career at a Newcastle based arts studio in the late 1970's. His early music was released on cassette by the UK label Mirage.
Year's out of print and never reissued by Boddy himself these seminal early albums are presented in a beautiful 3 LP-Box set. As well as Images, Elements of Chance & Options the music is bolstered by several unreleased tracks from this same time period of 1979 - 1982.

59,00 EUR
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Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie

Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
P: 1993   

Chronologie tells the tale of Earth's history from it's creation to the world of today. Not only is Jarre's mastery of sythesizers incredible (as always), but the different musical styles he uses this time are incredibly varied. From the majestic hymns of the genesis to the rap-like beats of the modern world, Jarre manages to capture each era in one wonderful album.

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Jean Michel Jarre - Electronica 1 The Time Machine (2 LP)

Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
P: 2015

Here Jarre plays together with several different artists to receive new unique tracks.
Here the double Vinyl version!


24,50 EUR
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Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe (HQ Vinyl release)

Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
P: 1978 / 2015

24 Bit Remastered HQ vinyl release.

Equinoxe was released back in 1978 and synth albums from that period often sound outdated because of the progress with computers and synths in general, but Equinoxe will never become outdated. Jarre has a unique eye for detail. The album is complete, meaning that it never loses the atmospheric feel. The music isn't just in the room when you listen to it - it surrounds and embraces the room. Many have tried to recreate the feel of this album and all of them have failed miserably, no one has ever come close - except for Jarres own Oxygene. The "hit" songs of this album would be Equinoxe 4,5 and 7.

19,90 EUR
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Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (HQ Vinyl release)

Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
P: 1976 / 2015
Newly remastered HQ Vinyl version.

Famed for it's melodic lushed spaced-out Electronica, this is the album that captured keyboard maestro Jarre at his zenith. The lead single 'Oxygene IV' is one the most recognizable Electronic pieces in recent history. With Oxygene, Jean-Michel Jarre brought electronic music to the masses and he did so without compromising the music. Oxygene, split into six parts, is a musical journey through surreal ambient soundscapes, electro-minimalism, synth-pop, and proto-techno. Even today the sound as well as the compositions stand out, so if you want to know how techno, ambient music, and trance started out, you definitely need to listen to this masterpiece!

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Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene 3 (Vinyl- LP)

Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
P: 2016

This is the vinyl version.
December 2nd 1976 saw the release of Oxygene 1, which I can say changed my life !

Today, for its 40th anniversary I can reveal that a brand new album, Oxygene 3 will be released on December 2nd 2016.

I don’t necessarily like anniversaries that much…But when I was recording Electronica, two years ago, I did a piece of music (today Oxygene 19) that made me think about what Oxygene could be if I was composing it today. Then I took the 40th anniversary of the first album as a deadline to push myself to see if I could compose this new chapter in six weeks, just like I did for the first one: probably to avoid thinking too much about, whether it was a good idea or not, and also to record everything in one go… The idea was not to copy the first album, but rather keeping the dogma of embarking listeners on a journey from beginning to end with different chapters, all linked to each other.

What made the first Oxygene so different at the time, is probably the minimalist aspect, and the fact that there are almost no drums, and I wanted to keep this approach, creating the groove mainly with the sequences and the structure of the melodies only, through an architecture of sounds.
When I did the first Oxygene in the vinyl days, I had a structure in mind divided in 2 parts, fitting the A&B sides of an album. This time I enjoyed doing the same: one side being darker, the other being brighter. So when I think of it today, Oxygene 3 has actually two sides...

I did the first Oxygene on an 8 track tape recorder with very few instruments, with no other choice than being minimalist. I tried to keep this minimalist approach for Oxygene 3. Some moments are built around one or two elements, like in the first volume.

It was important to me to keep the artwork for Oxygene 3 in line with the two previous albums…40 years ago too, I discovered Michel Granger’s visual universe and immediately felt a total adequacy with the music I was composing. Since then, the cover artwork became famous, like an ecological warning signal, dark and surreal, evoking both outer space and that of our vital living space: this image, for me, has become inseparable from the music.

I wanted the Oxygene 3 visual to remain in that same vein, and hence to re-visit Michel Granger’s original work, simply shifting «photographed-like» from another angle, which was exactly aligned with the approach I had to create this new chapter in music. To this end, I asked Michel Granger’s permission to perform a 3D model of his creation in order to change the angle of the visual, which he amicably accepted.

What an incredible journey Oxygene has been so far. I very much look forward to continuing the Oxygene story with all of you,

Jean-Michel Jarre

22,90 EUR
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Karl Bartos - Off the Record (Vinyl + CD)

Artist: Karl Bartos
P: 2012
Karl Bartos' new album is an audio-visual sensation! Lost for many years, some of his early music has been reconceived and re-contextualised in a thrilling modern setting. Here's the story: during Kraftwerk's heyday Karl Bartos wrote – off the record – a secret acoustic diary. Based on his musical jottings – rhythms, riffs, hooks, sounds, chords and melodies – this is what he has come up with today: twelve brand new, exciting, timeless songs.

19,90 EUR
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Klaus Schulze + Schickert - The Schulze-Schickert Session (Vinyl)

Artist: Klaus Schulze & Günther Schickert
P: 1975 / 2013

Here the 180Gr vinyl version!
For the first time, from the vaults of electronic music guru, Klaus Schulze, comes The Schulze-Schickert Session, a rare and previously unreleased private session featuring echo-guitar pioneer, Günter Schickert. Recorded on 26 September 1975 in Klaus Schulze’s home studio in Hambuehren, Germany, Schulze can be heard playing an EMS Synthi A, as well as keyboards, and a Syntanorma, while Schickert plays a 12-string Framus with metal strings and also sings on a few tracks. Although Schickert’s name is little-known outside of a very select circle of krautrock fans, he was a key member of the Berlin free jazz scene of the 1960s and a pioneer of the echo-guitar. Just prior to the recording of this informal session, Schickert’s first LP, Samtvogel, was released on the seminal Brain label.

22,50 EUR
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Klaus Schulze - Mirage (Vinyl)

Artist: Klaus Schulze
P: 1977/ 2009

Here the vinyl version of this classic.
Mirage, initially released in 1977, is often cited as one of Schulze’s best albums. The album is a strange pastoral landscape creating a frozen wonderland with vast shifts in color and texture, rather than the layered melodic and harmonic structures of Schulze’s previous albums. Mirage consists of two main pieces, Velvet Voyage and Crystal Lake, each broken down into six separate and chilling movements.

28,00 EUR
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