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FAX Mainlabel (PK)
Pete Namlook - Pearl

Artist: Pete Namlook
P: 2009
PK 08/192
LTD: 500
The Namlook project always has been a playground for Pete to experiment, for new ways in music. Diving deeper into drones and the nature of acoustic instruments, there is a lot to hear that had not been heard and achieved in this special way before. While the tonality remains open and wide, complete worlds of overtones unfold and create a deep atmosphere. It is a music which is archaic and modern at the same time. Pearl is like listening to the truth hidden in eternal traditions, the essence of sound.

25,00 EUR
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Pete Namlook + Move D - Subconscious Worlds

Artist: Pete Namlook & Move D
P: 2008
PK 08/181
LTD: 500
Our lives influence our dreams as our dreams influence our lives. The subconscious mind lives on in our dreams. exploring worlds impossible in our own. But what happens when those worlds and minds collide? Live the dream or dream the life?
Subconscious Worlds dives deep into this theme and is, like our dreams and our life, bouncing constantly between driving rhythms, dreamscapes & intense atmospheres. Never superficial, always intense. Sometimes calm, sometimes moving.

25,00 EUR
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Pete Namlook - Music for Urban Meditation II

Artist: Pete Namlook
P: 2007
PK 08/177
LTD: 500
We live in municipal districts, conjunctions of human energy and industrial processes. Our mind is constantly provoked by mechanical and technically produced sounds, smells and visual impacts. We long for a place of peace and contemplation. 'Music for Urban Meditation II' guides us to our inner center. Urban sound patterns detached of known coherences, lead us back to our origin in a miraculous way. Technical and industrial striking sounds are fitted into the over all and universal order of wisdom. Former strangeness is dissolved and a new conciousness is given motive. Textures of sound are woven gently with each other, organic sound carpets arise, which wrap us up and give us shelter in this harsh and sharp-edged reality of our urban existence. With 'Music for Urban Meditation II' industry is transformed into nature and technique to our self. The album invites you to let yourself go into an up-to-date meditation which complies to our modern culture.

25,00 EUR
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Pete Namlook - New Organic Life 3

Artist: Pete Namlook
P: 2002
PK 08/166
LTD 2000

After Pete's first CD solely consisting of molecular sized sound bytes, it took just a blink of an eye for the Frankfurt based radio station HR 2 (cultural program of the "Hessischer Rundfunk") to ask for a Granular Synthesis session by Pete Namlook.

This session received a lot of positive feedback so there was a request for more. This third session had been broadcasted via terrestrial antenna, cable and sattelite on the 27th of September 2002. Instead of asking for a high fee we were more interested in releasing this music on CD and to present to you the third coming of Pete's monsters in sound. This time incorporating bits of environmental sound and Analog Synthesis.

This experimental music achieves full posession of your mind.. we recommend to sit/lie in a meditation tank/bathtub and to listen to the evolving organic energy at a medium to high volume for 58 minutes.


15,40 EUR
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Pete Namlook + Klaus Schulze - Dark Side of the Moog IX

Artist: : Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze
P: 2002
PK 08/163
LTD: 3000

The disc starts us off in dark droney tunnels. The tone changes rather quickly. Slow moving brilliance, building to some chilled beats. There are some more upbeat elements similar to alien community I+II's beat oriented material. The music is deep and emotional sounding. With -7:30 in part one, Klaus Schulze shines. This mixes with (at -4:55) an amazing synth combination, that will make you smile. Hypnotic mind trance. The journey slows into a klaus schulze ambient fadeout.
part two -
Again, drones building into something moving, and something impending. A rather intense piece that never seems to let you go. It hovers and haunts.
part three -
A brighter beginning, leading way to an upbeat sequence. There are some nice tangerine dream moments throughout. A beautiful ambient dream swells within. With -1:40, schulze emerges again.
part four and five -
Ambience with a nice build. The beat like sequences slowly tease us with a short coming climax (starting -8:15). A single loop builds with intensity, only to fade away. At -6:53, some electronic tangerine dream synths swirl around the backdrop beat. The cd closes on with some heavenly samples. Slow moving namlook loops, build slightly, and come back down. With -6:53, schulze breaks into the foreground. A slow funky bass lurks through the electronics creating a chilled environment. Again there are some elements from the alien community series.
part six -
A nice highlight of schulze and namlook to end a wonderful journey (even though rather short).

Here the last copy!


19,90 EUR
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Pete Namlook + Hubertus Held

Artist: Pete Namlook & Hubertus Held
P 1997
PK 08/131
LTD: 1000
This CD includes all the collaborations between DJ/producer Hubertus Held and Pete Namlook. The styles reach from Elektro-Jazz to Trance and Ambient. The more Jazz oriented tracks had been recorded with the help of Robert Sattler-Saxophone, Peter Kuhlmann-guitar and Elisabeth Michels-soprano. This CD is a great mix of the moving rhythms, improvised live music and atmospheric ambient music that made FAX a unique label. It is a view in the past of FAX as well as it is an example of the innovative spirit that rules our decisions in music now and for the future.

14,90 EUR
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Pete Namlook - Compilation 5

Artist: Pete Namlook
P: 2006
LTD: 500

Ok.. we forgot one thing.. to release this compilation back in the Dance/Vinyl times of FAX.

As a lot of artists and labels by this time copied the style of FAX and commercialized it, Pete Namlook decided to withdraw from HardTrance and concentrate more on Ambient/Chill-Out and basically innovative Electronica. Mainstream was never his aim. His approach to integrate melodies into Underground-Techno-Dance Tracks was a total taboo in 1992 when the typical FAX-sound emerged.
Things changed by the time the 5th series of Vinyl (compiled on this Double-CD) was released. This Double CD is a great example of the label's transition from Dance to electronica. While tracks like "Join Us on Our Way to the Final Fronier" by 4Voice (Namlook), "X-Ray Delta One" by Sequential (Namlook/DJ Criss) and "Supervision" by Hearts of Space (Namlook/Pascal FEOS) still focus on dancefloor themes, "Namhouse","Subconscious Power" and "Ancient History" try to focus more on listening qualities and the futuristic electronica aspect while still echoing the dance aspects.
Following the tradition of our releases during the Dance times this compilation is strictly limited to 500 items.
As a bonus, the tracks have been remastered from the original tapes to improve sound quality.

25,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Pete Namlook + Klaus Schulze - Dark Side of the Moog 5-8 (5CD Set)

Artist: Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze
P: 1994 / 2016
LTD 5 CD Set

Complex re-release of the most remarkable and worldwide sought afterSeries The Dark Side Of The Moog by German electronic pioneers Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook (aka Peter Kuhlmann) in three slip lid boxsets, each with 5 CDs, incl. bonus material and new linernotes. The second box contains Vol. 5 to Vol. 8 and a Bonus CD with 30 minutes. Their relationship between Klaus and Pete and the exchange of ideas was unorthodox from the beginning of their co-operation, in that they rarely met personally. The most remarkable contacts they had were outside of their studios, for instance their concert of April 1999 at the Jazz Festival in Hamburg , which was released as an edited version on 'Dark Side Of The Moog, Vol.8' (will be released in the second Boxset) - the interplay and chemistry between them is clearly evident, and it becomes even clearer on the un-edited version of the concert (which will be released as bonus CS on the third boxset). The influence Namlook had on Klaus's music in the middle of the nineties should not be taken lightly, because although Klaus dearly loved those early-analogue elements from his own music, they had become, to an extent, lost. It was Pete who fortified him to go back to the analogue charm of his early albums and it was Pete who supported him in the modification of his analogue instruments, leading finally to the epoch-making Schulze album from 1996 - Are You Sequenced? And so a legendary series of recordings was born. 'Dark Side Of The Moog' grew more or less unplanned to a sprawling, stately-sized series of eleven volumes recorded between 1994 and 2008, only ending with the early, tragic death of Pete on November 8th 2012.


27,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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