Tonbieger is a One-Man Music Project by German synthesizer enthusiast Jakob Paulussen.
Jakob has developed a deep passion for synthesizers both analog and digital over the past 25 years with roots rather in early 80s synth pop than 70s 'Berlin School', although elements of the latter generously flow into his productions today, as well.
Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.257  10/16
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
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Tonbieger - Strandgut

Artist: Tonbieger
P: 2016
The compositions themselves are arranged in a more old style way. String and pad chords weave lusciously through the musical pieces with synth sequences supporting rather than being the basis or foundation of the productions. Melodies dance happily along those often melancholic chords and give it a touch of emotional chill out atmosphere that merge into deep, rich beats with squelchy bass lines and are released again from the intensity of the rhythms giving time to exhale and relax again.
The synthesizers and modular set ups used are 90 % analog. The studio boasts of a large number of modern top notch synthesizers like Cwejman, Macbeth, Studio Electronics, Moog and many others. The recording process however is digital to preserve the excellence and warmth of the analog sounds best possible, using Mackie and RME recording equipment as well as Waves audio processors.

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