JEREMY is a one-man band, and his vocal-less mix of vintage progressive instruments layered to create a wash of melodic sonic textures is quite tasty, and evokes the best of CAMEL, Steve HACKETT, or other mellower prog gems. After two eclectic recordings between rock, pop, Californian melodic rock and Progressive rock, JEREMY changes the style and plays here a refined Progressive influenced by Anthony PHILLIPS and a bit in the same way as JETHRO TULL or GRYPHON.
Jeremy - Kingdom Come

Artist: Jeremy
P: 2002
Instrumental landscapes of an ambient nature is what Jeremy's 2002 album "Kingdom Come" is all about, with references to artists such as Gandalf,Steve Hackett and to some extent Tangerine Dream for the most electronic dominated parts of the contents, but where the greater majority of the landscapes explored contain acoustic or psychedelic elements that in sum makes this production one not directly comparable to those fairly well known providers of ambient and electronic landscapes respectively. Sophisticated ambient music with psychedelic and pastoral elements is probably the best way for me to summarize my impressions about this CD, especially if the word sophisticated is used in this context as well. And if that sounds like compelling music for you, I suspect you'll find much to enjoy on this disc.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.311 04/2021
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 311

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