"Interconnected" is a collaborative electronica/ idm/ experimental project between Bakis Sirros (of Parallel Worlds, Memory Geist) and Ingo Zobel (of DRON, Signalform, Self Oscillate, Data-sette). Both guys are heavy into analogue modular systems which makes their sound very unique and organic."
Interconnected - Current flow

Artist: Interconnected
P: 2010

Their debut album is a sonic trip where frequencies take on real life form. Each song takes you on an aural voyage to explore new worlds beyond your imagination. The opening track brings you smoothly into this new world while other tracks like" Deepestsespeed" give you the impression, that you are wandering round that cold surface for ages.
Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) and Ingo Zobel form Interconnected, an electronic music duo forged by a love of all things analog and modular, creating a unique organic/synthetic hybrid sound. “Greenerblue” is a great opener with its irresistibly catchy rhythms and melody. The beats shuffle along just so, synths waft gently over the top, and female synthlike vocals flow into the mix as well.  The darker, more minimalist approach on “Dark Clouds” immediately brings to mind Node’s excellent self-titled album, as percolating percussion propels things along. Spastic rhythms get “Springs” off to a quirky start, a familiar Bakis musical styling from his Parallel Worlds albums, and somewhat reminiscent of Saul Stokes as well. “Deepestsespeed” and its glitchy loops remind me of some of Vir Unis work such as Mercury and Plastic or his Perimeter series with James Johnson. Each track slips into a groove and goes with the rhythmic flow until the next one comes. My favorite may be “Timebender,” with its cool relaxed bass line and layers of crisp percussion and electronics. In short, there’s plenty to like here.

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Memory Geist - Benthos LTD

Artist:  Memory Geist
P:  2011
LTD: 99
"Benthos" is the second albumby Memory Geist, the collaborative project of Steve Law (of ZenParadox, Starseed Transmission & Black Cab) and Bakis Sirros (ofParallel Worlds & Interconnected). Their first album "FunerealCavern" was released in 2007 by the well respected Italian experimentallabel Musica Maxima Magnetica.
The creation of "Benthos" has been a long process initiated in mid-2007 when Law visited Sirros in his home town of Athens, Greece and the duo recorded some initial material together comprising a variety of soundscapes,sequences, analogue rhythms & organic atmospheres. On his return to Melbourne in Australia, Law sculpted this raw material into a set of 6tracks which were augmented by further soundscapes, rhythms and arrangement ideas sent across to him by Sirros. The gestation of"Benthos" took 4 years in total and has resulted in the birth of a complex and fascinating ambient electronica album. The pieces range from dark, industrial rhythmic tracks to cosmic style slabs of ambience and showcase the duos use of modular analogue synths along side computer software manipulation.
This album is full of various modular and analogue synths, including ARP 2600, Doepfer A100 / eurorack, Integrator, Sergemodular, Technosaurus Selector, Metalbox/CGS, MS50, System-100m,Trident, etc, etc.

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