Konrad, Mario

Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mario Konrad was born June 14, 1973 in Gütersloh, Germany. Nationality: austrian. Grown up and still living in Germany. After experimenting with the first synthesizer in 1989, and deeply inspired by the music of Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno and Michael Brook, own compositions were created. The first electronic ambient album "Submerging" was released on Musique Intemporelle in 1992. Fascinated by the technology and combination of musical equipment, own designs and constructions of special recording environments were realized. Collaborations with ambient artist Amir Baghiri followed on 2 cd projects released on Arya-Amplexus, 2001 and Neuronium Records in 2002. The label Frequency Lab was founded in 2006 in order to make audiophile quality ambient recordings available to listeners and collectors around the globe. Label opener “SpiritCave” released April 2007 in a DigiPac edition cd, containing 6 rhythm charged tribal ambient tracks melting mystic synth atmospheres with various handplayed drums and percussion elements.


Konrad, Mario
Mario Konrad - Spirit Cave

Artist: Mario Konrad
P: 2007
The second solo album of composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mario Konrad unveils six atmospheric rhythm-charged tracks to be categorized in the dark or tribal ambient genre. This DigiPac collector’s edition is the first release of his own, new established label for high quality ambient recordings, Frequency Lab.
 “When I first came up with the concept for Spirit Cave about eight years ago, I had a very clear vision of how this project should be structured and sound like. In fact, the Frequency Lab Studio was designed completely around this image in my mind, forming the perfect environment to create exactly this type of music. Finally sitting there, inbetween of all those high tech synths, samplers, effects processors along with other fantastic digital equipment and a dozen mics set-up to record various kinds of handplayed percussion instruments including my favourite Bougarabou Drums, a new dimension of sound was initiated, again leading to additional inspirations. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed realizing it. Sit back and let the music take you beyond…” - Mario Konrad, April 2007.

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