Christiansen, Alan

Alan Christiansen (real Name Krystian Firlik) was born 1977 in Posen, Poland. At the Age of eleven in 1988, he moved with his Family to Germany, where he stay for three Years. There in Germany he had the first Contact with Electronic Music.
Back moved to Poland he start 1996 to work for a 3 Music Newspaper as Editor till 2003.
In a Year 1999 he moved to Switzerland, where he constructed his Twilight Studio and lives there until today

Christiansen, Alan
Alan Christiansen - Fate and Coincidence

Artists: Alan Christiansen
P: 2008
This album is the best example for the symbiosis and fusion of Berlin School Sequencermusic and Ambientmusic. With his debut, Christiansen shows deep atmospheres, where very good traditional sequences appear and evolve.

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